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President's Day I'm Tina Gal, and Here's what's happening. Ah, Whole lot of weather. Extreme winter weather continues across the nation today, and the Commonwealth is no exception. Here is the latest from WBZ TV meteorologist Saccharine Happen through different is going to be the main story today. Interior looks Haitians are likely going to stay after slightly below the freezing mark, where a lot of coastal locations will be just above 32 degrees. And that is going to be our difference maker in the type of precipitation that we will ultimately see late this afternoon going into the evening overnight and four tomorrow morning winter weather advisories are in place in some parts of New England, including western Massachusetts. There is also a potential for power outages down trees and very hazardous road conditions. Well, speaking of whether a B C's Likes, Perez tells us snow ice and bone chilling cold are also in the mix for Chicago. Some people are waking up to temperatures that feel like anywhere from 30 to 50 below zero, and with those extreme Cold temperatures also comes the extreme danger. Frostbite could begin to say I'm exposed skin and as little as five minutes and to make matters worse, we're expecting more snow here in Chicago and other areas today and later this week. Keep it right here more details on whether coming up in just a few minutes of traffic and weather together on the threes. Meanwhile, phase two of the covert vaccine distribution continues here in the Commonwealth and Governor, Baker says he's very frustrated, right. Now, with a tight supply coming to Massachusetts, the governor says the state has a capacity right now to administer 242,000 doses per week. But right now, he says, the state has been received receiving less than half of that looks like between 103 and 106,000 per week. Over on the cave. Meanwhile, members of the state's legislative committee are very unhappy with the Baker administration for how it's been handling the vaccine rollout. WBC's Rob Woodard reports from the Cape elected officials here on the Cape voicing their displeasure with Governor Charlie Baker and the Department of Public Health. Over the dearth of covert vaccines available on the Cape over 20 state lawmakers signed a letter to the governor last week asking him to reconsider several aspects of the state's vaccine rollout. Cape Cod State Senator Julian's here and state Reps. Dylan Fernandez and Tim Whalen criticized the vaccine rollout on Cape Cod last week and now found the town manager Julian Suso, also speaking out. Following the 975 doses coming to Barnstable County per week completely unacceptable. That was in a letter to the governor on Friday from the Cape Cod bureau. Rob ordered WBZ Boston's news radio, a crossroads for the GOP, following former President Trump's second Senate acquittal in that trial details coming up for you in just about two minutes. Right here on WBZ news radio. Stay right here. Back to the roads Right now. It is 12 33 traffic and weather together, Starting with a Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Any issues, Kevin, we're watching the situation south of town here and Randolph 93 south bound. You got your brake lights approaching this crashing a route 24 Randolph. Once you clear them, though, you're looking pretty good over past 1 38 and 95 Canton expressways. Okay, both directions. No troubles here on Route three between Braintree and Plymouth. Down on the cape, though here in East Ham Route six has shut down both directions between Hey road and a governor Prince rode for a utility pole that came down on the roadways and again. Utility crews are on that scene. But we haven't heard of any kind of opening or any kind of opening. That could happen shortly downtown Boston looking good here on the lower decks taken bridge heading into the O'Neill tunnel against some of these roadways, air went out there and with the temperature's right around freezing. I could get some areas of slipperiness looking pretty good, though out to the West haven't heard of any troubles through framing him or that Western area. This report is sponsored by the Buck Sexton Show Podcast The Buck Sexton podcast found on the I. Heart radio APP and Apple Podcast. Please tune in every day for the latest on politics, national.

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