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Pillars in vancouver bc failure on the tom leykis show hey hey hey i just wanna i say talk about running away from the facts with your previous caller right yeah that was something else but i mean by the way the facts are not hard to find you have people calling talk shows who don't want to hear the facts don't like numbers they don't like doing any homework day love spouting off like you president by the way that like spouting off without knowing what's going on and i believe in facts figures number science and there is an anti intellectualism in this country that is just unbelievable it's and you heard it right there yeah i don't get it man but i mean i'm in canada it's not a lot better here that way but i'll leave it at that for now the reason i'm calling in has to do with my bullpen going i call it a while back about that i have about four or five on the go and my starter who's been really great i had her over on the weekend and we went out for a nice walk on the beach and we came back into the bedroom and i usually do my sweep right so i make sure that there's no hair on the ground that may be like who's this hair you know like my place to be somewhat presentable it kind of gives you a good reason to keep my place clean one thing i didn't realize though is that we're we went to my bedroom on the bed were making out we're getting into it and then she turns me says hey there's use condom there she's i said yeah was that from last time we got together and i decided to be honest and i said no and so we we stopped midway through well we didn't even get into it and so we started having a she's like okay we need to talk about this and we'd never had that discussion about what are we you know and i think you've always given the advice thing avoid that conversation right right so i've been brilliant of that i've known her since march and she was going to bring it up soon because she was considering a job offer in edmonton and so we just talked about it and i said she says so you even seeing other people i said yeah and she's kind of figured that we were just seeing each other and i said yeah i don't know we didn't have that talk so i just went with that and it was kind of an awkward situation and she didn't want to keep going down that route that day was what we're up to so we ended up getting together a couple of days ago and we we called it off because she wanted someone that was only committed to her so i lost my starter there you go by by the way though when she moves what does she do you know saks until the next time you see your trust me she would not be holding out until next time you see your no way well it's it's funny you mentioned that tom because she comes she's a roman catholic and i know you're probably chuckling already thinking about what i'm about to say and from what i've known about you i didn't take anything at face value she never explicitly said like shit all these guy friends and i'm like oh for sure she's hooked up was like at least some of them and abroad that with her i was like yeah you know i kinda figured that you know you've probably hooked up with some guy friends she's like oh no i haven't well not in vancouver and she's like you she was like she went to a conference in emerton she's like yeah this guy occasionally hook up with was at the conference and he asked if i wanted to oke up and i said no because i thought we were together and she talked about how she had an arrangement with a guy previously where they would just like sleep together and that was it and i'm thinking to myself like that's kinda weird she didn't make me wait long but she talked about guys she saw for three months and they didn't have sex and then they would just like part ways and i don't get it like.

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