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Hello and welcome to the briefing commits you live from studio one here it madore house in london i'm chris lord coming up on today's show the head of the french army has resigned in a dispute over the country's defence budget sweat is that leaf fronts he's militry also ahead the rauner is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining us interest in countries such as syria yemen iraq and lebanon continuing to support attacks against israel the us is getting tough on iran once again but his the white house right to claim that it's the world's biggest exporter of tara and 80s jeff incredibly complicated issues like a very messy divorce and we're talking about a financial settlement but unlike a divorce urged between cheap people haley talking a divorce between one country and 27 albus where we discussing one of the most contentious parts of britain's exit from the european union its trade deals and will also be asking whether you actually need to see an artwork in the flesh before you buy it all the more right here on the briefing with me chris lawrence so let's start with some international from pages on sapa zip me is monaco's phenomena augusta project but with a selection of brazilian dailies now brazil's rather chilly political situation is matched by its weather isn't it fernando absolutely ins very unusual crews i must say i have a global front of me from rio de janeiro and saying that you know the main story of the day's action that the city is is is suffering a cold wave at the moment yes that he was only fourteen degrees in the city and a have to say none of that is nearing on beach where the hair in a hurry lim suddenly much different run from no and i must i must be honest view cruise when i arrived new kale was making fun of the british press because these to say indian summer just because was 25 degrees but the brazilian presents the same dissing arctic winter and come on his fourteen degrees and they do this dramatic.

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