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In your head. I've been norway it. Norway ran norway norway your brain blessing in a curse all so here's my leeann funny thing. Okay yeah it was your birthday. Yes yes yes. I got you an awesome present. The best present anyone got me. Yes the best present and i did not hold back that from my family. Yeah yes which makes me very happy so we can just say you turn fifty six. I've turned forty eight forty eight. Sorry what's it like to be inching like really close. I feel very far away. You desperadoes liens fifty. So i don't feel like your fifty. I got two years almost didn't count this particular. We had the same kind of thing. Because i get. I get to watch christina. And then when she turned forty and then turned forty one still might there and she turned forty two. I was like what's it like in your forties said sucks you like a a connected with on this michael ian black. Yeah mike. lynn. Blacks wife's two years three years older. Yeah and and i remember saying i hate my wife's older and he was like me do like really and he goes. Yeah he's like he's like because they always talk about aging. You're like i'm still young. Yeah i'm younger. Can you keep yourself. I remember liang kept going. I'm fifty i go. Stop saying that out loud. Then people think i'm fifty. Somebody messes me day. And they're like you're forty when they go. I honestly thought you were sixty wooded. Someone said to me the other yesterday. Like oh chain. Gillis was like was like you don't look forty eight. You look like forty five was like well. It's not a huge not a big at all so okay. So let's go through your birthday. You assume the kids what they write cards give you make you know and i did it. My daughter's did nothing. okay fantastic. Nothing nothing a isla forgot. It was my birthday and so like at lunch. She was like why are we because my manager red sent over a great loves actually gift. Good gifts are thoughtful. I think he's this lunch from this. Great dinner Italian mother fucking stuttering. This italian like delhi in glendale. He sent over lunch and was great because showed up. And i got to sit down and have lunch with my daughters which i would not have had an isla was like. What's this for and mom. It's dad's birthday she goes. Oh happy birthday. And i was like. Oh that's how you wanna say. Oh i've been birthday. Georgia said happy birthday. First thing in the morning. I got my present sunday so from from the girls and it was an ipad which you know. Interestingly enough at the beginning of the pandemic goes like. I wish i had an ipad. Because everyone's on the pads and they're like oh and then leeann puts in. There is a great birthday present bert. Yeah and it is funny though. When you think of the fact that you could just be like oh. I want an ipad and just as i could about this my the thing about a gift. It's gotta be something. And this is where i think if we're going to talk about the lbj tq community. I think they have it fucking right when it comes to same sex getting same-sex presence i don't think women and this is gonna sound new agey oppressive. I don't think women should be prying presence for men. Okay don't think should be presents for women. I think mentioned by for men and women have something there and i think the lbj to community was five steps of us. I bet if you talked a being gay by. I think it might be more natural to be gay when it comes to receiving presents dudes. They probably by the ben presents for i bet gay dudes give gay dudes the best fucking rally. You're onto something. Yes and i think if you're a woman and you're thinking about getting your man something still call a gag got call up. I'm thinking about getting my man. This you see how he responds. There's so much about like like that as a kid when you hear about homosexuality everyone like your uncle tells you. You're not gay are you. you're like what. And he's like they've fucking the button and they die and you're like sounds terrifying. Hope i'm not happened in santa bella island shout out the ankle. I won't say your name but you know who you are so you get the you get the. It is a thoughtful gift and ipads are great myself. One but yeah. They're great great with all the nicknames. They have missed happy birthday. Fetus and i was like oh cool. Yeah well you know it's memorable so your boy though i hook you up with fucking dope s e bike not only by liz. How all of a picture things buckingham as this is. How thoughtful it is. I also did you notice that. Your seat is big and cushioning. Yes them swap out the seat sir. I had them swap out. It's not on there is it. No you didn't posted right. No no no no not impose going to do a video today but give them the video the video right so i want to call a gay guy and fi email to you. Great presence are. Because all i could think i was riding his bike around today. So i'm going to tell you this bike. This bike got big tires right. Black bike big battery. Pack in the center. It's got a little throttle here on your thumb which you can go got speed so its pedal assist so if you start to peddle it goes from one to five. I'd put on five today. Leeann five when. I took my first pedal and i left my driveway at fifteen miles per hour. I was hauling fucking mad. They haul ass goes thirty miles per hour and it is funny shit and all i could do as i cruised through my neighborhood on a beautiful autumn morning smiling ear to ear the day after my birthday. Still a little buzz from last night with a coffee in me smiling. I thought i don't ever want my family to buy me a gift again. I want them to take that money and send it to tom. And say do with it what you will make burt happy. I knew like. Here's the thing the for. I got one. You remember because i like this. I think i said that in the video. I said that. I said he called me from a mountain top and you were almost like you discovered. Christ dude this things fucking rock you like. I having so much fun. It is so much fun that i was literally antibody a way better than i have. Got myself this thing. I get out of my driveway and i. I didn't know the pedal assist is. I've written like a pedal assisted. Bikes with steve fury and dave williamson and we had it. On they sucked. We couldn't get them to work. And so i assumed that what would be a little bit but the second you move the pedal the engine kicks in your and i had it five and i blew out of my fucking terrified. I was like this is a lot. And then i found the thing and i was like fuck pedals. We're just plunging it. Yeah i was cruising through my neighborhood. L. here it is is okay. Please for this to start. Importing us tom. Yvonne yvonne senators. Are you fucking serious. Are you fucking sick. You know he called me one time and he was like burt..

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