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I mean, you were you were napping. I was right there when I was at ground zero. It was horrible. I thought I was inebriated. Seeing that Taylor is actually cheating, Was it Was it welling to know was Jay's poke Wellington DJ both passed a long time to realize our Eli Eli, you like you like It was old yellows puke. Correct. Eli had eaten Taylor's leftover meatballs. And then Taylor wanted to eat the meat balls that were left over by Eli. My bad and And let me just say the reaction time on your parenting skills left a lot to be desired. How multiple people had to point out what was happening before you did anything, And then she still had it on her face after the fact and I said, Sean, that's puke on her chin and you finally cleaned. He was asked to appear really about your chest couple interceptions that day by me. I was looking for my wife to take control. He was as quick as the thunder funding from Jolanda. Yes. So when more as puffed out his chest about how discipline of apparent he is. There was a moment in time just earlier this summer, where the dog ate Taylor's food and then puked up the food because it was human food. The Taylor eight The dogs puke off the ground. Why she didn't eat it the first time. I mean, why do you prefer that flavor? It's already been digested. Partially was a little easier. What do you know? All right, A B? What do we got here? Well, The competition continues by the bay. Jimmy Garoppolo played 1 15 plays series throwing a pick Trey Lance tossed two scores one I N T all in last night's 15 10 preseason win at the Charters. Yeah. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan was then asked if he's ready to name a week. One starter. No, I'm not making that announcement. Trail whenever I feel like it, Yeah, not tonight. Shanahan eventually snickered more and said he would tell us by kickoff of week one. The Giants and Browns rested most of their starters yesterday afternoon in Cleveland Case keen to go throw a touchdown pass in what became a brown 17 13 win three weeks after their respective foot surgeries. Carson Wentz single, Quentin Nelson returned to cult practice today center Ryan Kelly also coming back from his late July elbow injury. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel was tested positive for Covid. Falcons. Backup QB AJ McCarron has a torn A C L and the Packers hope to have Jordan love back in individual drills Today he's been battling shoulder troubles on the heels of the field of Dreams game and I'll be back in Williamsport for the Little League Classic last night. The future guardians blank the Angels threes If Cal Quantrill Cost seven scoreless Med Rosario went deep for Cleveland in the afternoon, the Giants added to their NL West lead. The pitch.

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