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Up in the news is sponsored by American Eagle credit union your home town home loan provider a new report says those elections are under threat unless more is done to protect the system I'm very non election tampering is the new normal American voters should be wary and get ready for an online blitz foreign disinformation another tampering not only Russia but also Iran China and other countries are and will be active some running on Twitter accounts already have tried to impersonate U. S. political candidates experts emphasize some foreigners have an array of motives and methods to disrupt hack and bug using Facebook Instagram YouTube even standalone websites Gary non CBS news president trump's chances of winning reelection arms a political science fair Dave Roberts and says it's all about whether Democrats can get voters as excited as trump supporters question for Democrats is can they get enough people who are angry box from to come out and vote the trump supporters and that's really a kind of an open question right now Biden seems like the best bath Robertson says Democrat Joe Biden could potentially take away votes from trump in key states like Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin but Robertson says it's too early to make predictions that anything could happen by November of twenty twenty a carjacking leads to a fatal shooting in Riverview it happened about one this morning on valley drive near chambers Saint Louis county police say the man was dead at the scene when they arrived hours later the suspect was spotted at Saint Charles rock road and I two seventy and led police on a pursuit that ended with the crash near good fellow and maple in north Saint Louis the suspects were injured in the crash and were taken from the scene via ambulance an officer was injured after a car hit his police cruiser in imperial this morning the collision happened on the west out a road just north of imperial main your as a county deputies say an oncoming vehicle drifted over the center line and hit the police cruiser and another vehicle it's unclear why the officer suffered minor injuries the other two drivers were not heard from the Jefferson bank and trust business desk Southwest Airlines the largest carrier at Saint Louis Lambert airport says the extended grounding of Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets is proving more expensive than first thought CBS news correspondent Wendy Gillette has the details the airline announced it will not fly the seven thirty seven MAX until January the move is expected to lead to dozens of canceled flights and potentially higher ticket prices during the busy end of year holiday travel period the FAA grounded Boeing's Max fleet worldwide in March after two deadly crashes southwest also announced it will no longer have flights into or out of new Jersey's Newark liberty International Airport come November the Dow from Steve always up thirty seven points to twenty seven thousand one seventy eight he's found forty four still slow path bowls east bound one hundred you're still backing up the four one oh nine east bound seventy just a little bit of west of grand that left shoulder watch out for a stall and a reminder north problem forty one at the Merrimack two left lanes we close tonight at seven and remain close to early Monday morning I'm Maria quina indicate marks traffic center spotty showers firstly north and west of the city this morning very warm the rest of the day with a mix of sun and clouds the high getting up to eighty seven mainly clear tonight double sixty nine the last weekend of July will be getting more typical.

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