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It's bespoke post themed boxes for guys that give a damn. I like what's in this box. I like the Bucks Ed Spirit Away. Yes so she's the bathrooms. She sneaks her in and is like you. Have I have to ask for a job. They can't turn you down. The only way you're going to lose of this place is that you're must be given employment and we've already been given so many rules that she's been well. I guess the first rule who was get across the river before the sun goes down the second one was hold your breath going across the bridge so you're already thinking like. Is that another thing. Is that like a trope in wrapping his folklore or is that just like he's not stepping on a crack yeah right exactly right so goes. Go get a job. Sean enough advice geared a job. That's and commodity is a Yokthai which is a a sort of Phantom. I don't know how else to describe a bit like he's got forearm. He's unusual looking yeah. He's a spider guy. He's pretty cool is spider man with a Walrus Moustache He lives in the boiler. He's animated the soot to do work He feeds them with little starfish cookies again. We'll start cookies candy that came into what is this. It looks so bright children's cereal or is this like ancient yeah. He has four arms six real taught muscle. He can stretch them as much as he can to. The infinite shelves herbs that he has right he I I mean this. I think is when I was just like I think this I love it right like when you're watching the first time we like. I understand I understand the logic everything even though I've never seen anything like this vic the logic affirming like see I can help and she only Deci Hertz right. She's I'll do what the creatures do and he's like. This is not your this isn't your zone while also he says you're useless but he also says something really interesting which is like. It's inappropriate to take someone's job. He's creatures do this and also her trying into enter. The ecosystem right leads to them all like going on a weird little strike where they suddenly dropped the whole on and she's disruptor sure right but she's bad at it. She can't pick up the coal. It's really heavy heavy for her. I I don't know I feel like the sits seen seen as like. Are you out like this. Is it right right like come on guys talk about the sexy thousand percent in good great. I mean honestly just from the emergence of Mr Arms Right commodity right and seeing a character who is against anything that this character is very confident that he is so confident understanding the rules of the world right how he needs to operate what she needs to do what everyone needs to do. There's something kind of infectious about like as opposed to like who who's been like fuck okay. Let's try this hold your breath and who a human whereas Camacho seems like of machinery that is animate uh-huh he performs a service like then you find out later what he's doing the reveal of then how he is like spreading the bath sure sure like the tags comedown yeah yeah yeah running running about his the CPU for the Bath House right right right right but also that he is in perpetual motion the MS trying to help her trying to turn what she's in. Turn never stops doing his job and it's like you know it's so the confidence of him being like I can keep doing what I need to do and also take care of. That's right taking care of these creatures taking care of these. This little girl getting worked on getting getting paid right and then Lynn shows up Lynn who is like the friend right there watching this movie a couple of days ago. I've probably we've seen this movie almost as many as many times as any other movements ever seen when just say four times aren't really. I don't really watch a lot but and I hadn't seen it. The last time I saw it was with an ex girlfriend and her two children one of whom was too young and really freaked the fuck out but I'd completely forgotten about the character of Lynn and it's actually a really charming yeah and you can read a little bit of Pacific thing to hold here yeah but in my memory of the movie I I mean I remembered all the principal characters except for Lynn. Maybe because she's the only issue human she's not right no. She doesn't look as sluggish as the other slug women. She is not human because she hero is human and they all remind smells like a hume. Yeah Okay humanoid annoyed right latest Kaman. She is the most she looks human rush she is. I have to assume a person who died. I don't really if I wanted to delve into the logic of what the spirit world is where you're dealing with these elemental creatures because like he's drawing all these Shinto beliefs spirits everywhere in the right spirits in the air the plants so like that's who some of these things are but then like the humans you're sort of like are these are these people who died and have moved into the spirit world world when they always in the spirit world nail attendance. Are there frogman. Little men female attendants are slugs right right but Lynn but Lenin some there are some human right. I don't know Linda's very clearly. You're human. You stink right yeah okay. She eats a a new one of the first things she does. His eats that fried new which is not something that I would do where she's like really into yeah right. That's is true so she's not human but she does read as if you're she is human and humanoid like I said what are you ready. Mary sign that only makes us more confusing thank you this is from the Chieveley Wiki but they're quoting the art of spirited away book sure Okay Linens portrayed as a human being in the film in the Japanese Picture Picture Book Lynn is described as Jakko a white tiger okay too. That's all Ya Yep yeah but they they identify her. As just spirit as species here right right is a spirit bright everyone sanction. She's a human spirit whereas the others are not I don't know yeah yeah we a couple other humans Ryan when where where she sleeps where they have their aprons. She is certainly the most normal central character in this film. She's architect. We fully understand. She's like the older sister who's what kind of you're right but this panther every right but she is helpful and she you know commodity. Kinda bribes her into lake. Take this new tinker to four new Baba. Take her upstairs and they again. They're like you must you cannot back down. You must ask for work at a drill. Get A job. You have to become part of the economy you have to be and there is this weird. Connor wants to escape childhood. You must become a productive member of this economy. Yes right right it. Describe right you know the the free rides over you gotta be contributing something right. You can't just bum around here which which is one thing that I feel like we'll get to know face but why he so disruptive like no faces not part of how the all the the capitalists sort of collective elective balances at work. He's still getting chills talking about all this. I watch this movie again. I highly recommend a million times. It's pretty much always kind of reward yeah even if you don't even if you WanNa Kinda just have it on and sort of soaking not like think about it too hard right. You know what I mean. It's rewarding in every way yeah. It's rewarding insertive really really concentrating and thinking about every single choice. That's being made I mean when she enters the bath house. It's so beautiful. It's so scary right. It is that kid feeling of I don't know the rules of this place grownups and all these right but there's also like frogs and radish spirit right this was his most can't even can't even talk about that shot out of her squeezed up again to eight at the rabbits the register and he has those ten coming off his breasts and so also he's nice when you're all their spouse to her and she's like right yeah right yeah right yeah yeah. The spirits aren't like monsters vinyl Vieillard right here in Berlin and Evelyn right. Are we going to say Griffin now. He's GonNa say a couple things. The radish spirit has definitely big. Ben Energy feels director actor. Hell Yeah but but also this I think was the most expensive film at the time and I mean Monan okay had been a a game changing sensation he can right right so you had a bit of a blank check and because his stature has risen so much news going to have to use more. CGI for the film knew it was going to be very production. He said his original script is three hours long and so he was like I have to. This is insane okay. His quote was in order to get to a manageable length. I had to cut out all the candy in his mind this movie sorry so flat and colorless something I haven't. I've seen a million times. Why don't you cut it down just a radish spirit on an elevator shit. We've seen a thousand times before I mean. That's just just act to you. Got Your building blocks of Hollywood story totally right there you go yeah. Hollywood insider meeting with the Goddess Fat Vegetable and Elevator and you're watching Lynn who again like same thing with Hukou like antagonistic to us sometimes but then you watch them be altruistic yeah in your you know she does she eats the sort of gets her through with Newt Right. What I was GonNa say is there are so many characters in this film primary characters who are so oh detailed and the more detail you having a basic character obviously the more of a nightmare it is to animate and multiple scenes especially in extreme motion and it's the reason why most cartoon designs very simplistic. Charlie Brown is sort of like a platonic ideal for a cartoonist because it's like it's just a ball. It's a sphere and it's got a couple of DOTS and lines on it and it's easy to draw him from any angle but like what's her name. I keep wanting to say Bobby Yoga because I'm a more you Baba aw is just like the first moment she appears on screen and you're like he's going to really he's going to challenge himself to keep animating this character for the next ninety minutes. Let's with that wrinkle structure on her face that one scene very late in the film with Danica where just her nose sort of hovering yeah and you're there's no logical way to not have that nose because it's so also the work you have to be like. I need to fully figure out how this knows looks in three dimensions here all the wrinkles wrinkles and like like this knows and I need to know how to animate it within space and movement also just not too easy. Let's give her a ton of jewelry right like everything freethinking and her are completely illogical right so this was the first one where they sold the rights to Disney before production in order to get financing to help complete the Mojo really yeah. That was a big thing where once he cracked it. It was like this is going to be really expensive. We're going to need some more money. We need outside fundings. I think they sold to other countries as well but that lassiter lots of hugging lassiter went to Disney and said like can we please write lassiter lots of hugging and lasted. Who's recently been disgraced. Oh is that the Pixar but he was such a fan of so many people were as I said I think clements a muscular. Yes we're heavily inspired bye-bye. Leo's throw right for the great mouse detective things like that right. He's like you don't understand. This is like this is the guy we have to like. I think he sold to them..

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