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Out yesterday five nothing and I'm about to have the best record in baseball since the all star break they are two and a half games behind Philadelphia in the NL wild card chase and now your forecast from the Ramsey monster weather center showers and thunderstorms this afternoon into this evening some of those storms could be severe an inch to an inch and a half of rain is possible today's high eighty six tonight's low seventy one all the range and and by eleven PM and that is your forecast from the Ramseys monster weather center mostly cloudy skies seventy five degrees here in New York City seventy four in Garden City New York the weather report sponsored by NJ diet using hair saliva DNA testing and now blood work lose twenty to fifty pounds or more and only forty days now with offices throughout New York New Jersey Connecticut now open in Pennsylvania call eight five five five NJ dot or log on to NJ diet dot com from the seventy seven W. A. B. C. news desk I'm Deborah Valentine next update at six thirty twenty four seven coverage of the updated WABC radio dot com in the morning seventy seven W. AC let's get to it because we've learned seventy seven well I would like happy hump day not much to be happy about this morning so there is not to want to head back to the wild call please check is what every single day that's a giant more nights so there's a.

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