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Understand why I travel through the clock. Traffic and sweltering heat of Khartoum to meet activist and publisher. Hey, a Huta. Civilly Google in the Sudanese society. So they feel the socialist civility, the, the miserable situation of the people who are ill who died because there's no medicine. So the doctors were the lead and as full of talk to hear form part of the Sudanese professionals association or SPA say the thirties have loan covered up killings by security forces some, the result of torture by folks Afyon medical reports. Dr babka Salama sister has year is convinced that they're also intent on falsifying brothers post mortem certificate, which looks likely to be used in the prosecution of former president al-bashir. They tried to menopause related. You have to go, I'm very hill. And we refused, we said, no, we're not going to bury him until you give us the post mortem report. So until now. We didn't see that. Oh, Shia is now in jail. And protesters are hopeful going again. She Asians with the country's military council will in time lead to a civilian government here about a ca- Salama's mother, Sherry foul knows that, that count bring back some, but she takes great pride in what he and many other Sudanese doctors have helped bring about vanish do the loss of my son was very, very high price. I miss him, but I see the happiness the smile on the face of the Sudan is people, I'm going to meet bad because sometime God willing in heaven. The mother of the Sudanese doctor, bobcat, Salama ending that report from Khartoum.

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