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Eight traffic and weather together on the construction delays not on the Edens Kennedy but the outbound. Eisenhower is pretty slow as you make your way up on. Runaround Woodvale to mill two, left lanes are down. Until five AM to it's thirty five minutes, out the three ninety just twenty nine on the way in the Stevenson inbound thirty two minutes. From three fifty five ish flowed out approaching lakeshore drive thirty out to three fifty five, and no delays on fifty five itself as. You make your way. In either direction through Wilcox county the. Dan Ryan is clear fifteen. Minutes in both directions between ninety, fifth and the Jane burn interchange, fifty seven fifteen minute ride, in, from, I eighty, same can be said on the inbound Ford fifteen minutes from eighty ninety. Four to the Dan Ryan merge lakeshore driving, good shape. In both directions, over ambi- tollways. The tri-state, work delays slowing, you down on the. Tri-state again northbound at the eighty second street toll. That it's heavy again into, the cirmac toll tight southbound from. ROY Roosevelt to the Cermak toll all due to roadwork the Jane Addams is clear in either direction so as the Ronald Reagan tollway the veterans toll three. Fifty five northbound does flow, in pockets before sixty third eighty eight. Then Butterfield the past north avenue southbound is. Slow from north. Avenue to Butterfield route fifty three is in the clear so it was route three ninety no backups on I eighty eight hundred ninety four I sixty five or the Indiana toll get, traffic and weather together on the h. every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM WBZ. AccuWeather partly to mostly cloudy early this morning low sixty four. In the clouds and sunshine later today with a couple of showers. Around maybe south east of Chicago, high, near eighty mostly cloudy tonight low sixty three. Wednesday clouds and some sun high eighty three, and then a little. Warmer on Thursday with a partly, sunny sky there can be a shower or thunderstorm around especially in the afternoon Thursdays I eighty six I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson on Chicago's weather station News Radio seven.

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