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Pittsburgh steelers fans welcome to another episode of steelers his touch down on. I'm not payroll and on joined by my co host is always mock. Davison mock has a gallon. Get I met you how we doing the steelers and now five and over five and zero. I didn't think the is we're going to be at this point at this time but. Here we all I believe seven weeks into the competition. Steel is applying good football. Overall, we haven't made it rely on the Ben just yet for that game winning touchdown yet still was applying playing some some brand of football that the whole world can enjoy. Yeah and steelers fan on the other side of the world. It's happy face right now like. We've wonder faded where one of three undefeated teams say hoax and this way it's not up against the Tennessee titans like how good is it? Oh, it's fantastic and if I. Give. A shoutout to out to Asha. Rookie on this team and AS Roma's whereby father. Nicer you know. You and I are both enjoying this show and talking steelers football but sought to give a quick shout to steelers nation Germany, who I reached out through on facebook and I talked to one of the blocks say who runs a page and then I I go into the discord and our solid token to another fellow, and then there's other fellow are different your name but I think you're listening to the show and I said to you said to me all have you heard about steelers the touchdown? And I said My. Main Matty As me a ninety we. Talking you went way so it's good to see. Getting around the globe it's great to see that out to voices. In. Germany and hopefully, Knicks looking for a partner or. A be. No way you'll literally saying that the to Ozzy Larrikin talk everything steelers on. Beta. Say this is what like lanes are idol not cost what not wear county it's awesome. We love joining all you listeners live every Saturday morning. Minute tell me where he hitting the Germans. steelers fans as well that that that's terrific. Earth is often what a Brazilian the live Chad and is like a couple. Mexican Mexicans. Well, say fairly regularly this I like and that's it steals nation is worldwide stills. Nation is J. graphically constricted. It's old is passionate fans out there and I think. It's a big one, his wealth to the. People contribute to Beta say the editors co editors the podcast. The guys that wrought for the pages. Well, Dole the longtime Betas Defense, like thank you for bringing audience national fans you into the family. I mean we wouldn't. We would never show with wasn't any setting community you know and it's and it's commute brought together by the black and golden. It's something that. Should be trivial trivialized in when we we've we thank the family before. We all really really appreciative and it's it's amazing how these bonded of. Rooting, for the steelers brings paper to to get. Yeah, it's up. Absolutely incredible. Really. You know we're on the slack chat gnawed got used to code and when I was talking to the fellows from steelers in Germany. I've spoken to I think the God his name is Nick who I spoke to Zoom Co.. Didn't one of the big photo events. It shows you how like for me how important the steelers aw as a fan. And on the other side as a community aspect, the main main is off. Matt. We haven't even met yet, but we're pretty good night's but it shows you you know like this is why we fall at team and it's even better when the steelers a five and I five and zero and a crush, the brands bike guys off in the third quarter crying it's just this is what we this is what we love to do. This is what we enjoy the season. Exactly. Exactly. So. Since mocks taste a little bit there what we'll be covering today show we will be covering the way steals absolutely took out the browns will we be previewing these weights matchup which you know by the time this GonNa air will be liberating the match tomorrow against the Tennessee Titans the title of today's show which. Is the bigger. They are the harder they fall. and. If, you think to everyone we've had this this year with the steelers h have played the biggest the opposition of the biggest stop Playa the further into the ground, the steelers have tackled them the further into the ground they've batted the ball down the furthering into the end zone we've run to tighten down. So that's the that's the show is same for this wake it's the biggest holiday full. Soma. Before we get into. The big personalities in the big lies in the browns. And how they fell loss wake. Devin Bush. Hey fell pretty hard. Yeah. He certainly did these these. second-year player and he's coming into his defense. He's. For raising he's going to be maced but. I still think in the feeling I get with the steelers tame and I would like your thoughts as well he will be missed but a one basic choice in where we're GONNA lose the next ten games. Iraq. I still think there's still a defense is is a is a crushing blow to any quarterback cam high within the middle when I saw when I saw came highway on the sideline. The NFL focus in norm and he just he looks like he wants a super bowl and more he he looks a connected and he just wants to get things moving and take j. on the edge and big bud. Dupree lot you say had two sacks. It's just Bush will be missed. Coverage. And things like that and that's fans or glide we will. Be Skeptical of what's going to happen. But we don I think I think Robert SPLAYING. We'll do a good enough job. Even, do a better job in certain areas like he had on on hookah. Tells Amazing. Did you see that he don't hooper? Yeah. That was that was a true thump that da that judgment of the ground and again Herp is a big man berry was the hotter he fell. Yet. When you and I did a talking united throughout chats messages was talking to a few of the other Bates USA. Contributors. In slack as well about what the options, what the options are there with Bush. I. Agree with. Pot I do agree that this isn't going to be Shazia. Lot? Collapse. and. Like when that will turn out to be career ending Injury Happen Shady Shazia was what defensive MVP level player that point like an particularly in two thousand seventeen had like Ronnie was four five or six or whatever where there was multiple tacos for a while also some. Would couple of interceptions. He was just a couple of fumble recoveries. The was told by, Hey, was feeling, which will give out a different different player when it comes to Devon Bush and Sicne appl-. A like even thome Austin one of his press conferences earlier in the week as well. You know. How How does this affect you your tame moving forward with the green dot. And Tomlin fly back. Pretty quickly. I think it might have been diddy him, Kabbalah that US question he was very quick to say you know what? Reality is, is that we only gave the green don't to Devon. We had it in the case if you like the defense. Of. Literally, quite tillman directly the season he'd only been doing it five games safe. You think that this is going to disrupt a defense. You have like, no, it's not. We've got we already for.

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