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Still unclear whether the supreme court will uphold lower court decisions to subpoena president trump's tax bank and financial records from Constantinopolitan tested by phone arguments involve the president's attorney Patrick Strawbridge maintaining Congress seeking personal financial records from Mr trump and even family members to determine if tax legislation is needed goes too far for us to see if the trump family benefited in any way from Russians eventually seeking to have influence over him the first time that Congress has attempted to subpoena this scale and the scope of documents from the president and none of the other historical cases involved a direct subpoena for the president's documents in the way that this one does Manhattan's district attorney is after some of the same records in a criminal probe Supreme Court precedents have usually cited against a president Bob Costantini Washington house Democrats have unveiled a new three trillion dollar virus aid package that provides nearly one trillion dollars for state city and tribal governments and another two hundred billion dollars in hazard pay for essential workers a million Francis the department of transportation is again asking airlines to be as flexible as possible regarding refunds during the pandemic click novel tells more department of transportation says it received more than twenty five thousand complaints in just two months as travelers look to get refunds are booked future flights because of cancellations brought on by the pandemic the DOT requires airlines to refund the travelers if their flights canceled or significantly changed but aviation expert Danny Kelly says the words significant causes confusion so they say well I can't make a decision on that I want to send up to my boss Kelly says complaints will likely continue as passengers begin to fly again and try to rebook their flights Clayton Nevil Daryl judge says he won't immediately rule on the justice department's decision to dismiss its criminal case against Michael Flynn Mr.

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