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Yeah you always you you need stakes stakes or steaks or are great and even board is nice is great yeah you need stay not as great but we had a best ball draft where not not dave on not alan ball best ball draft and so that in week one that a person for my team went home which was james and things were looking really really great james in the fourth round there were only three people that could have gone home this week for jessica lease to beat me in the post second swap draft and i believe that those people were her first round pick which was angela her second round pick which i believe was purple chelsea or her third round pick which was bradley wow so jessica one jessica did win the bet so it's going to take these in per jessica's for jessica's on our h ap this has been huge she's gonna just go so with that i am a man of my word and i will i will complete the my my part of the completely humiliating that we made on the podcast yeah this is the ten percent where i'm using that to listen to you on the podcast i don't need to know what you're about to say or what you're buying 'cause i know in my heart in my bones and i'm good i'm all right so for great for if you ever millions with these stakes that bed that i will beginning with these vivor week starting with this week's episode that i will comply with my terms of losing this bet from a one week of survivor until the next week survivor episode so that don't don't add me.

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