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Airfield once home to thirty thousand. Us troops now nearly abandoned the jets gone. Nearly everything gone. This is what packing up. Twenty years of war in afghanistan looks like the. us had a mission when they invaded afghanistan. Right after nine. Eleven to denial kaieda a base of operations and deter attacks on the us homeland from taliban safe haven but two decades later the taliban remains and the biden administration is drawing this mission to a close four star. General austin scott miller is overseeing the withdrawal. He has spent nearly nine of the last. Twenty years on deployments and is now the longest serving general in afghanistan at three years. Paramount is is safety and security of the troops. You've gotten a ton out already. How do you assure that they're safe. Clear objective is not only safe but an orderly withdrawal. If there are attacks we certainly have the ability to respond to those. But as american troops depart fear that large swamps of afghanistan are falling back into the hands of the taliban despaired of attacks dramatically increasing. I've been in kabul here several days. Talk to a lot of afghans. They're very concerned that the taliban will move into coppell. How likely is that. I understand that concern. It goes back to Trying to understand the security situation Across the country if you go back to what the taliban's objectives are they want to take over and so some point. There's a you know that implies at some point they are in kabul throughout two decades the us lost nearly twenty four hundred servicemembers and poured over two trillion dollars into this war. What happens next in afghanistan. General miller tells us left up to the afghan people. This is their country. There's been a you know a lot. Invested as you mentioned at the outset and With that investment it's You know how to describe it. They have to hold. The afghan security forces have to hold the same year. that america is getting out of afghanistan. The man who helped launched the war former defense secretary donald rumsfeld died presidents ford and george w bush both made donald rumsfeld their defense secretary. He helped lead the fight in afghanistan and iraq. President bush eventually fired him after the rising number of us casualties from iraqi insurgents long after the us declared victory rumsfeld began his political career as a republican illinois congressman before moving into white house positions. Rumsfeld's family saying he died of multiple myeloma at eighty eight. Abc's andy field in washington. On sunday president biden ordered airstrikes on iranian-backed militia's white house press secretary. Jen psaki says. The strikes are in response to attacks on american personnel in the region. The president's view is that It was necessary appropriate and deliberate Action These strikes designed to limit the risk of escalation We will take and he believes we will should and we'll take necessary. Inappropriate measures defend. Us personnel partners and allies in the region. The second time president biden ordered airstrikes in the region on wednesday. The house voted mostly along party lines to create a new special committee to investigate the deadly january six siege on the us capitol house speaker. Nancy pelosi points. Gop representative liz. Cheney to the select committee to investigate the january sixth right. We're very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee representative. Cheney has been an outspoken critic of former president trump and says she's honored to be named the committee house minority leader. Kevin mccarthy says he was shocked to learn of the appointment and questioned. Cheney's place in the republican party. Mccarthy is allowed to appoint five republicans with pelosi having ultimate say. The select committee will have subpoena power. I jaji abc news washington on tuesday. The house passed a bill to remove from the us capital statues and busts of those who either served in or supported the confederacy house minority leader. Kevin mccarthy supported the measure but stressed that the statues came from democrats. What's interesting the statues that need to be removed were sent to the capital by states that were majority controlled by democrats sent to a house that had a majority controlled by democrats accepting of these statues majority whip james clyburn rebuffed mccarthy in nineteen sixty four when democrats came together and decided that they were going to pass the civil rights act of nineteen sixty. Four strom thurmond. The democrat left. The democratic party became a republican and took all of those segregationists with him into the south carolina. Republican party south carolina. Republican party built itself on the confederate battle flag to bill now faces an uphill battle in the senate one of the final opinions released by the us supreme court. This term affects how state voting rules can be challenged under federal civil rights law in a six to three opinion the. Us supreme court upheld two arizona election restrictions and said they do not violate the voting rights act of nineteen sixty five. The restrictions toss out ballots cast out of precinct and band community. Groups are campaigns from collecting ballots. Democrats in arizona said the ballot collection restriction was enacted with a discriminatory purpose but the supreme court disagreed writing for the majority justice alito said plaintiffs. Were unable to show the extent to which the measure disproportionately burdens minorities aaron katersky. Abc news new york. This is the most conservative supreme court in a generation but abc news. Washington correspondent devon dwyer says looking back at the cases decided this term. There was astonishing consensus thirty four opinions. In cases they were argued this year. Where nine to nothing. Or with just one justice descending that sixty one percent a sign that chief justice roberts is still wielded some influence here trying to bring this court out of the political fray but every term is different. Abc's dwyer on monday. A federal judge throughout the federal trade commissions claims that facebook is a social media monopoly. What the judge was was was basically suggesting that you need to do a better job. About more narrowly defining what this market should look like. We'll reinhart is a senior fellow at utah state center for growth and opportunity going forward. I think much easier cases to bring something against facebook or google or amazon in their advertising space particularly google and facebook. The ftc has thirty days to refile the complaint. Most of the western part of the country is in the grips of a severe drought or worse and several states are facing the prospects of what could be another deadly and devastating summer fire season. President biden met virtually with several governors to talk about responsive for its and the realities of climate change. President biden is asking governors from western states. What the federal government can do to help with the threat of drought heat and wildfires choosers. Were playing catch up. This is an area that has been under-resourced but that's gonna change the biden administration announced. It will raise wages a federal firefighters to fifteen dollars an hour. Plus get a ten percent bonus to those on the front lines. We can't cut corners when it comes to managing wildfires are supporting our firefighters officials. The abc news washington worries over wildfires. Come as a record. breaking heat. Wave settled over the pacific northwest. This week the death toll is still rising from triple digit temperatures. Abc news chief meteorologist. Ginger zee explains why this unprecedented heat is so deadly. It's not that places in the pacific northwest. Have never been hot. But they've never been this hot and they haven't been hot like this for days on end region searching for any sort of relief with the historic heat dome hovering over the pacific northwest one other really big factor. That.

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