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Time it's one zero two i'm dealer here's our top story some new details in the fountain hills homicide involving a ninety two year old mother and her seventy two year old murdered son at least six times deputies were called to the fountain hills home for potential domestic violence threats sheriff paul penzone said detectives uncovered numerous firearms after the arrest of anime blessing they recover thirteen weapons from the house eleven three understand were possessions of the victim two suspects penzone says they're investigating whether everything that was done by the sheriff's office in the blessing murder case was done correctly we expect excellence and we want to support her employees to to reach those expectations the ninety two year old blessing is currently housed in the jail infirmary penzone says that's because of her advanced age mark carlson ktar news thermal cameras are already paying off in the fight against wrongly drivers the newlyinstalled cameras along the ice seventeen cut their first culprit this week during the early hours of the morning br frank king with eight says the system detected the driver near is seventeen and union help able to identify and track the driver the driver in turning around rodney union hills or a little bit further south in that preceded the travel north adp s were then able to apprehend the driver the phoenix fire department says this would be a good time to get rid of your unused fireworks dana farren is a phoenix fire other real safe way to dispose of them other than going and setting off can go to any fire station anytime say i have some fireworks to drop off for list of phoenix fire stations visit the city's website animal shelters across the valley are working through a busy weekend jose santiago with maricopa county animal care and control says the combination of this week's fireworks and extreme heat means extra crowded shelters on a normal day we can average anywhere from eighty to a hundred animals coming in that are lost in straight today we will more than double those numbers if you're missing a pet santiago says check both of their shelters and if you haven't already get your dog or cat microchipped now let's check on traffic mike daniels live in the valley chevy dealers traffic center hey mike they do have an injury accident bicycle.

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