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It would the fact that they just got a little ahead of themselves in their quest greatness. We don't have that much time for. But i feel like it's like i come into money. You start you. You could start by role that somebody ours over. Go about okay. This is like eight hundred eight hundred but you know when you really got money you stop stunned it bands. You've been there before can go starting early on because they just came into success. I think now they've been humbled now on the khakis and a polo every day on the state. And if you ain't gotta show and you're rich when you're trying to be rich show it right there. What's i'm rich. I coming up to one hundred dollars. Jamie had a rough night watching his teams lose in a super bowl book. Check in on him. Nex blue ramp yourself. He's flat lining he's flatlined Before we go good jamie's here. I'm gonna take pleasure in his vote chance last night. We got that covered. So let's check in on your own. You doing how you feeling. This right here is what feel like the fbi. A clipper fans on second thought. There's really no way that you could compare the student clippers. Because at least the chiefs did make it to a final win. Are you talking about joe gloat timers about open here. The joke global time star. Damn clipper fan. You have no room to talk about the lajos boone game last night. The damn clippers all week long wearing concrete soup chief. That's not the doberman pinscher. I don't know what the hell great name adult. Tell yourself i out last week. The trees lose fix was in a hoagie. Don't and that's what. I thought it was bielfeld. Check dam cheater. Found out it was doing the up outta here. Drink park met laws..

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