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That was a big deal at our house Andrei when we had TV dinners. Coat. Jim is the past. You are the future. That's the way it is. And listen, I love your show all the mission of your show. And whether he comes the gold, it doesn't make any different coast. Thanks, protect my remote. Now, you can show a long time. And we appreciate that very your coat. You got it always great to hear from you. Andre Al you can call me Al is in Memphis, Tennessee. Hey, Paul good to talk to you again, buddy. Thank you. I just I just wanted to say something about degrees here in Memphis. I don't know if you heard anything about the trade rumors between. Yeah. I follow them pretty closely. I've gotten to know the the president of the grizzlies in he's he's and and I I root for them. Although this team right now is, you know, pretty pretty close to being that reliable mess. Yeah. They're totally lost. And I, you know, and and they're trying to get rid of the two best in the most experienced players. They got on the team. You know, when something goes totally one hundred and eighty degrees. You start looking at the coaching staff. And I think that's where the problem is the coaching staff is got the same straight line thing. We're going to do this. We're going to do this. And it's not working. I think it's about time. You've heard of the coaching staff, and maybe some people out of the front office to change the thought pattern around here when when when when you ever professional organization, you you sometimes you have to. You have to go dish in by subtraction. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Joe is up next. Joe? Making it today. How did well sanding good? I to say, hey, only Gallo, and I do want to say how you must've Mr. she's recovering from her surgery. So I won't say I love you. And Brian you keep getting better. But anyway, powers gift does Gloser retired. I would like to Knicks down my, squirrel. I'm on a hug his neck for. He's the one that brought down the giant do not do night. He specifically said do not use the word retire or tire is what old people do he resigned. Well, I mean, you know, my daddy worked up to eighty three. So they may not be, you know, saying these ain't too bad. You know, I only he's not in the he's not in the seventies. Joe? According to Jim. Well, I them were they next week. It's in a and yes, he did stay at a Holiday Inn express last night. Well, he stayed. They didn't hate it and slate very well, then because Jim Jim and Jim was doing such better this year. You know, this little, you know, acting like a little girl getting mad because somebody says you can't let them get. You know, I'm learning to block all these negativity him just. Yeah. Again, just you know, he's losing it. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Always great to reconnect with Tony Barnhart here, especially about an important story that he's written about the Martell case could change the landscape of college football. We have a couple of cases out there right now that are all interesting. Tony great to have you on..

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