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Giorgio tha Vecchio was outstanding in that giant's game for guy that just gotten signed is the most successful kicker in the NFL since I guess the nineteen sixties to just come off come off being a free agent in sang with team hitting those kinds of Phil goals. I think the team has not cut him for a very specific reason, which is because they got him on contract in two thousand nineteen right now it's a two year deal with Matt Bryant ailing and him being forty three and kicking fifty yard or in hurry his hamstring. We think. He'll be back this week. We don't know that for sure I think the fact that he's not that the fact that the tobacco villain the roster indicates for sure it is status doubt this week. But also at the same time. It's like the falcons you had this guy come out really, really good. Like, he does a really good job as a proven kicker and your other kicker is in his mid forties. Almost what do you do there? I mean, do you let money go earlier than anticipated you run with tha Vecchio? I mean, do you let to ECU finish the season put that Bryant on our if things are specially are not going the way that you would hope in see if he could really be your future because again, the kicking in the NFL is really bad unless you're really good at it. I know that sounds like the most obvious statement. But it's like if you're not good at kicking. If you are good at kicking great teams. Don't have that kickers is one thing the constant. If you have a good kicker typically means there's a good team. Team that new to get back with kicker. So tha Vecchio could be that guy for the next ten fifteen years. You really think -lanta as much Matt Brian has been crucial to this franchise or you let the money man, go out the way he wants to let Vecchio stick around this year and go elsewhere next year on Roma to kickers next year. There's just it's difficult for them to be in because a Matt Ryan health. But what what would you do if you without? Yes. So I mean, this has been a topic that's sort of been like elephant in the room. No one's really talking about it so far. But it's it's there, and it's it's you know, we've got address it soon. I mean, there's absolutely a kicker controversy in Atlanta. And so the way I see the rest of the season shaping out at least, I think we're going to let Matt Bryant rest as long as he needs to you know, recuperate as long as he needs to those soon as he tows in quid. Hey, I'm one hundred percent ready to kill. I think we're gonna bring that. Right back in Giorgio has been amazing. And it's really great that we managed to find someone who really, you know, saved our skins this last game. And he definitely has the resume to be the guy to carry us forward in the future. But you know, right now with all that Matt has done I think he's still he's still the the guy he still money into Matt starts to see a significant decrease in production. I don't think you know, we'll give that the reins over Georgia just yet. But I can actually see us carrying two kickers next season because of a map Bryant's age, and and at this age, you don't know how quickly that decline come for some, you know, if you're Tom Brady does the client. We haven't even notice it yet. But you know, Matt Bryant's kicker, and it's his production has been great so far. But if once it starts to dip, I think Georgia will absolutely be the gotta take over if it's, you know, within the next season or to otherwise, you know, Matt Ryan guy, George go to another team and. Conversation..

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