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When when the when the official came over, and and to become committed you on Jack talk, I knew we had a chance that second warning may not come. I knew we am. I don't know the gentleman's name. But he deserves a real shout out. The official name is David. He send us a tweet. All my. Has a picture of you with is Emily, and I were pleased Jim for you and Jack harbor after he even put roughing quotes again, the younger Jack Harbaugh played in both were really gracious. So I guess he calls it refereeing. But they they were good. They were good after the game. We had a chance to visit with him. And the and a beautiful story is he was with his daughter his daughter, and he were were roughing the game together. And so I've mentioned to him. I said, you know, I I would love to get involved in this reffering. I think I could come out. And and he's you don't think you'd really it's it's all voluntary. So tremendous shout out to all those gentlemen in this Christian basketball leagues for these youngsters that come out there and come out, and they're all volunteer. Fish, all volunteer, and they come out just in in the snow and the cold to be there with those young people. So. The game either. I mean, they they actually coached the players while they're while they're out there. They take the time to stop the stop play to tell them. What they you know, what they do in that situation. Yeah. That's a fouling..

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