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One twenty. One twenty is the like it's like the fourteenth percentile of all computation told this chicken sargus love her but i don't think that the crashes were that smart. They're all stupid. Kim kardashian <hes>. I mean she married a west like really like collectively like i q is probably like maybe together. It's one twenty ninety five. I told you this is why i love paris. Hilton have have nothing but respect. I queued this not this. It's not an indicator of succession social intelligence. No wait a second kim has branded. Dan herself way better than than ran at her mom brain at them so it's not really her mom branding them peres like brandon herself. Are we just going off topic here. We get me started on my beautiful inspiration. That is paris hilton. Okay i love her to it death. She can do nothing wrong and my wife except when maybe like she's not being friends with nicole richie. That was the only thing that she ever did that. I was like screaming. Appears hilton tune just copied cam because kim had a sex tape so paris hilton. Kim had a show so the perez hilton so i don't know i think i think network i saw paris made her so who has the most have been known and if it hadn't been for paris when she was cleaning closet a long time ago like a are we playing seal who has the highest network is it is it pairs hilton kim kardashian like this whiskies like burning throat as kim kardashian in her net worth but who do you think is higher parents. Now it's close. It's close us cameras. A three fifty million paris's three hundred. That's wants to do that means. It doesn't matter but i._q. Because they're making the same the amount of money will they just they have amassed the same amount of net worth yeah anyways. This just remember like paris. Is that this all on her own. She didn't mean her grandfather. Wait a second. She has the last name of hilton so don't even say trump her grandfather. Cut her off and look at how successful i think we she do poll who like ask who is who so i am team kim. You're team paris and let's see who wins. I am going to go get my p._h._d. Now just despite you dummy i think i think you're i._q.'s one twenty. Though have you ever been inside of my brain. Sometimes i really question like how i'm still alive and well the dumb things i do and say okay what's next all right so one of my b j novak from the office celebrated his fortieth birthday this forty he ages he gets him and mindy kelly because she also celebrated her look fortieth birthday like a few weeks ago so he had up birthday party and jennifer fisher who was pam beesley angela kinsey who was angel martin and oscar oscar attended so did mindy killing of course but was weird about this because i was looking at pictures is that which always cracks me up anytime anyone friends with him. I don't know why i just think it's really funny. John mayer was there. Yes it always cracks me up any time i see john. Mayer is a pimp it just like like he's like for like andy's baby shower from bravo like he was the only other guy invited all the housewives were like stripping and dancing dancing in the baby shower it was hilarious and then john mayer is like hanging out this john maher good looking at you know like she he he dated like everybody. He dates arizona arizona for aniston. Why don't mike have like a slut. Yeah bob saga was there too. He's a sled to is. He very nice to w weren't invited. They'll clean out of it a forever invite a._j. Novak all right. That's all i have <hes> after like we went on like what are ten minute tangents all night who smarter okay. Let's talk about finishes so let me ask you a question one question okay. Let me get my paper. My paper okay lots of questions. Will we'll make this easy. Don't look at my paper happen like you. Can't you can't type right now. We're we're in the middle of a show. Gosh these questions so long. People bull short questions only okay no. I don't like that one either russian before okay. I am thirty nine female dating again after a divorce. What am i good friends. Gave me this advice find chinaman. Just below your league. He'll cherish you so much more thoughts. That's not the first time i've heard that yeah but i mean gene so i'm not gonna say he'll in my life has had this to me. We kill it was killed last week. I've been told multiple times multiple people in my life all throughout my life to always marry someone that loves me more than i love them. What's almost thing research and to basically the same thing to find someone. That's it's gonna be like a lesser than me so they can appreciate me more. What does that mean lesser like. You know like like looks wii. I okay yeah <hes> so into you more than you into them yeah for sure <hes> um which always cracks me up. I'm not going to say who said it because a lot of people have said it so wouldn't have time to name me. This is something that you should you. Should you know listen to follow no yeah because i think it's ridiculous. I think but i have read some studies. I think we have talked about just before that like if a man dates a woman if a man is harder than a woman then it leads to less successful relationships if the woman is hotter than the man then it's more successful hotter than the man well look at jennifer aniston and brad pair there who's hotter i it's hotter honestly okay kim kardashian and who's gonna tell me now you have to answer. I think <hes> i think kim kardashian's definitely hotter tank. What's another couple <hes> doing couples. I don't even know any pulsed right now. What about jennifer gardner partner will they already like tipplers divorce <hes> a rod and j. lo jaylo hands down. She's hotter <hes> oprah or stutman. Send men looks like but i'm assuming oprah. Has anyone even seem instead of a real person. Apparently it is okay. What what are we doing. Okay so that is something that you should not follow. That's bullshit. Yeah it's funny though i'm curious to know where that friend if that friend follows that policy and her dating life life that there is some logic to that because if like if i'm dating jennifer aniston all my gosh i would definitely like love her more than she would love to be a point of like where there's going to be a little bit of anger and resentment though oh you don't think therapist tell us more is that right right well. I mean like let's think about it from like the power balance lake perspective like if someone it sort of has more power and and so like if you constantly feel like you're doing everything for her. I think that a point like you become angry and resentful towards what about money she has a millionaire and i'm just like a thirty thousand dollar air at that point. You just need to let go of your ego zoric because women all the time man and like okay so i've been watching the real housewives again like just branch is because i'm in love with drama in love with each one though re watching you need jersey in atlanta's us by the way sorry she felt like a smarter human being than him so that is dating dating beneath you yeah yeah.

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