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Which will be about the movie with Hazel O'Connor, breaking glass, which is it's it's similar stories. Similar years, Bill someone coming up from the underground with their own music and making it to the big time. I'm gonna do it. I'll be back when I'm charting there will love to when you're on the charts. Yeah. So I mean, listen bills episode now while you can gang because when he's bigger. Wanna tart. What are you going to chart on a baby? I think it's looking good. All right. Hey, gang check out the, hey, gangs. My other solo podcast, you can find that on soundcloud. New episodes will be up very quickly. I want to wish everyone in Australia have a summa, have a some Australia. It's coming up, go over to teeth, spring dot com. Pick up a half a summer shirt for Australian summa. Also, I need a logo for squat. You get anyone who could throw that together. Yeah, you do. Yeah. Okay. We should do a contest contest. Is that a good idea Bill? I think so. Contests are great for engagement. All right. So let's do a squat melt logo contest. What do you mean the prize. About also stories DVD's center city of three or four of them three or four. Four, what you will work out a pry. But first of all, I have some questions. What? What did you mean by what size do I want. Like pixel size you gotta set us is what's should we sit? Oh man. Six v want Instagram's either Twitter size, morph -able size. Just one of shelled. Wanna be able to show t shirts on t. spring. Oh, you should look up the spring pixel requirements and post that she why we don't do contest. Is it good? Good contest contests? Can we? We'll some forget the pixels share. We'll get the pixels. Yeah, because you don't want people sending in. You don't want people send in new things in twelve hundred by twelve hundred, and then you need fourteen hundred, fourteen hundred. It's crazy. Them is a lame in that you can't just that you that it wouldn't work at. It's probably a with. It's probably like a height bigger than with. I could say that comfortably. You probably want bigger. You probably like we're probably talking twelve eighty by nine eighty, but okay, I don't know. It could be something I truly something similar to that. Some shiver to that. Gang squad melt logo squat. There's a live comedy show that we do in an alley behind the abandoned meltdown, comedy theater. So the squat refers to us just being there outside and taking over the land and the melt refers to nerd melt and meltdown. The old comedy special, not anyway gang. It was been so great to spend this time with you today and it what about squad. We should. We should have documented -tarian come down there too. I want somebody to fill my set. All right. So h show up at squad not with cameras, and you'll be able to shoot documentary footage. How about that? Are you young filmmaker? We got world class talent here. We got Mr. Bill cut camp. No, but. But. Nice do that for each name. We got Mr. Bill cod, Campllo mister Howard Kremer. Why Hoon Steven Brody Stevens who Brandon Wardell. Why who Paul Daiki? Why who Cornell read who Megan, Beth key, sir. Why who? And so many others. So head on down to squat melt seven, five, two to sunset. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah, check pre shrimp. Yep. Hey, and to play us out is chill. Trill, Bill with nothing is wrong. Preview track. Maybe it's not live yet. Then we'll see you right here on the next who Charton..

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