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You see him? Baltimore, Sean, Casey. Join me each and every Sunday morning at eight AM for the all new rescue health line show, where we'll talk about natural solutions to a wide range of health related issue. Dr Jeffrey Shapiro will answer your questions about how the all-natural supplements could benefit youth. Listen, every Sunday morning, eight and begin your journey to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Brought to you by rescue supplements. Your heart and help. The all new rescue health line show on talk radio six eighty. WCBS. WC. Baltimore. Mysteries and conspiracy science, and the supernatural and everything in between from UFO's and aliens to cover ups and subterfuge. We cover what the other guys ignore. I George Knapp join me, Sundays on the one and only coast to coast AM, sunscreen. Version of the coast to coast AM is here now available for Android, as well as I do for coast insiders offers the ability to download the most recent shows so you can listen to them at your leisure of the new also has listen live in streaming features, plus recaps context and upcoming show, info coast insiders with Android system for Don Owen above or iphone checkout. Our new after the Google play, or I two stores or link from the coast, websites. Goes AM. Sure, sounds great him a middle of the night. But you don't have to be not journal to enjoy this amazing show coast. Insider is your key to a normal life for fifteen cents a day. You can wake up refreshed knowing that last night show is waiting for you with podcasting. Listen on your way to work and again on your way home, or listen to one of over a thousand archived shows from the past five years. The coast insider club is a must have for all coast to coast, AM listeners, visit coast to coast, AM dot com to sign up today. You'll sleep like knowing you'll never miss your favorite guests or topics ever again. Remember a one year subscription comes out to only fifteen cents a day. Sign up today at coast to coast, AM dot com. He's..

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