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The readers know that Lauren I stand with vaccine. I worry shot. For sure. I'm getting this error fucking kidding. Are You fucking kidding? Please get a flu shot. This year is probably if you've never got one this year because either gonNA give dollars. Yeah. Like guys get rocks. This fall is going to be raucous. This follows going to fucking rock says code. fucking brought this encoder. Lay Cova D- so excited. She's like so fucking excited all. Hope it an influence influenza. We're going to be like sixty nine inning and just like laying ways this fall and winter and so everyone check. Her name is influenza I fucking La Bitch they're like literally like they're like go off Mama. Yes going the urgency grossly. Yes anti sleigh pass. They go to Corsica together there and they like instagram each other and they tell you. Stories. Covert Influence Vicky Cristina Barcelona like. Weird complicated vacation together were they. They both thought up at the same man but then they like realize they're like frenemies at first and then they realize that they actually. Stand each other they're like carly cloth Taylor. Swift. There like why be Frenemies we can just be friends. Yeah. Just stand other as boss Mama's and boss girls they haven't grown. A rough summer by the fall, they're ready to fucking Graham together. They're appearing in the They're like I will put you on the grid girl. Like why be apart we can be together and then they go you. Can literally kill hundreds of thousands of people slay mama he has..

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