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Welcome to Chicago's afternoon news. I'm Steve Bertrand. All I can say is that I I am going to fight this virus. We have got to get these numbers and and you know why so we can reopen the bars and restaurants. That's Governor Pritzker talking just a few minutes ago, just a few minutes from now, we will talk to Sam Toia from the Illinois Restaurant Association. By Sunday, 90% of Illinois's restaurants will be closed. Maur. Voters have voted early in Texas, then voted altogether in the 2016 election. We'll get an inside look from Austin, Texas and closer to home will also check in with the early voting to Page County. That and Mork coming up on Chicago's afternoon news on this Friday afternoon, October 30th the day before Halloween. Very Vandevelde is watching traffic this afternoon. Man. Looks like we have another problem could be ah, possible Shooting cruiser on the scene of a police investigation going on this up on 57 right job between the Ryan and 107th second time in a couple days on 57. Kevin Powell is watching sports. I am watching sports is always. I wish you'd pay more attention to the show. Instead of watching sports all the time taking a close look at the Bears as we get set for that match up with the Saints Alan Robinson, there's Star receivers having a big year listed as doubtful. He's been in concussion protocol and, of course, the Chicago Sports world. Still talking about the Tony LaRussa higher for the White Sox and Kim Gordon is in news this afternoon. Yes, Steve or watching the Corona virus numbers continue to rise in Illinois and also both presidential candidates in Wisconsin. Today. So big state for Wisconsin there for the Democrats for the Republicans were going to talk to Texas a little bit later. I'd love that statistic at this that Texas and Hawaii Are the only two states that have now exceeded with early votes. They're total votes from 2016. That's pretty remarkable. Yeah, really is And also I didn't realize that the Texas has not gone blue since 1976 Jimmy Carter. Ah would beat Well, That would've been Gerald Ford in 1976. I don't think they've had a Democratic officeholder. Don't know the notes in front of me now since the mid nineties, a statewide and so they're hoping for that. We'll talk a little bit later to John Engel. He's a political reporter for K E X A. N That's the next star station in Austin. Kyle Riton house in the News. So many stories today are linked to Wisconsin. Right, Kyle Riton house will be heading up there. Yes, he is He. A judge ruled today that he can be extradited to Kenosha and the In the case that he killed Tio two men while protesting and during the unrest in August and injuring another. Here's the 17 year old who said he was going there from Antioch to protect businesses and Ended up in gunfire and also the Fox Khan story Now Scott Walker was the governor of Wisconsin. When they had this Foxconn deal. Illinois was vying for it. Yeah, lucky what? We'll be careful what you wish for, I guess, but You know, Wisconsin made all of these concessions to Fox gone because, you know, was it 100,000 jobs were supposed to be coming just over the border would have been good for Illinois to cause a lot of people would have worked in Wisconsin and lived in the county. But I mean There's almost nothing there, right? Yeah, just a couple 100 jobs and you know, so now the state of Wisconsin says they're not. They're not eligible for the tax credits that they were originally promised. I mean, they've been building up 94 for three or four years. It seems like and Maybe it's all going to go for not Kevin is it is the LaRussa debated turning for Tony dollars. It's still pretty fiercely against him. I would say the overall reaction the general consensus from Sox fans was against the Tony LaRussa higher. Yeah, I didn't think that one of the biggest parts is that it's been nine years since he's managed. And also just because there were some other options out there as well. There's a report today that Bruce Bochy, who's Ah, getting to make this about age, but I guess I just did cause I'm bringing up his age. But he's about 10 years younger than Tony LaRussa, and he's only a year out of managing, and he's won three World Series. That kind of checks all the boxes. Of what Rick consoles us a few weeks ago, where he said he was looking for someone with the recent championship experience. Tony LaRussa doesn't necessarily fit that mold. But as Rick concert yesterday, everything changed once, Tony said He had some interest in the gig after I guess he had Had been offered, or at least talk to teams over the recent years about returning to managing and he had said no. So they're a little taken back when he said Yes. And then here we are now a. J. Hinch was hired today. It sort of looks like maybe he was in the running here and was waiting for that job to go away. Well, I had seen some report that said the White Sox hadn't even interviewed a and how accurate that is. I don't know where Connie even said, You know, there was a lot more names and interviews that were done that we're even reported throughout the baseball world. So Yeah, I know. A lot of Sox fans was kind of. Ah, one more. Punch to the gut. Today, after Tony the Rooster gets hired and they're upset. They open up Twitter this morning and they see a J. Hinch is headed the tagger, and they can't even go drown their sorrows on South Western Avenue. No, no Kevin Powell is watching sports. We're going to take a break, and then we're all going to go out to dinner..

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