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Forget about efficiency and renewable energy. We don't need to do the head anymore or so what I'm hearing the logic. There is just so hold on. So I always the the non cynical one here. Right. But this really just sounds like what? Areas of science are in no way. Controversial, okay. Healthcare saving lives. Great take care of those wanted to Mars. We wanna do any sort of hot button even word or vocabulary part of a word item association with a word that might be politically charged. Kill it. That's sound like which all sciences science. This is so frustrating that the same scientific processes that are getting you that kids are cure are also trying to figure out what the heck our planet is gonna look like in fifty years. So we can all survive through that. It's it's all about survival. But those things has a political agenda, which is so frustrating. Yeah. It's a pretty clear, Bobby. It's a pretty clear lobbyist agenda with the reduction in renewables. I mean that that's just absolutely bare naked truth that serves a very specific donor class in industry period and of anything else, but even beyond that the general goal of the White House. This year is to cut spending on domestic and foreign aid programs and to increase spending on defense and that is the goal. They don't have enough money over there. So. Anyway, what is what this all means is these massive cuts like I mentioned in the beginning of this that these these cuts are going to be cuts to programs that are things that members of congress want to stick around the members and members of congress are going to fight tooth and nail to keep some of these things in spending caps may change over the past years spending caps of increased because of these budgetary fights that the president and congress get into. So we will see how it plays out and where the spending ends up. But that is the proposal as it sits at this point in time. Yikes. And moving on up from that, really fun. Yeah. Happy audiences. Drinking heavily. Good stuff. All right. So just in. We have had this conversation many times on the show about bringing back the woolly mammoth, right, right? You're all for it. Well, the closest reemerges ation of a mammoth has taken place. Not really not Frankenstein monster mammoth. Apex species to in advance to restore the system. Nope. Not that at all. Some researchers publishing in scientific reports this week with paper called signs of biological activities. Twenty eight thousand year old mammoth nuclei in mouse owes sites visualized by live cell imaging. So what what did they do? Researchers took the remains of twenty eight thousand year old woman woolly mammoth yucca, yucca was found in Siberian permafrost, very well preserved, and they recovered what they call the less damaged nucleus like structures from the remains and stuck the nuclei of the ma'am it sells into mouse, eggs ELS. Because why not just, you know, take those nuclei ads do this nuclear transfer business that we do for cloning an Ivy f-. Let's just do that. Let's take this mammoth nuclear dunk. Tommy, how this don't tell me how this ends. I'm now picturing the tiny. Hurry mouse with tusks. Yeah. Of course. That I worked right? Most relatable recognizable trait and confers it to whatever you put the DNA. No, no..

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