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To school majari them walked to school in a lot of them are not prepared for this type of vote weather temperatures in the thirties as far south as tampa a computer outage caused long lines at airports across the country last night the customs computer system went down leading to lines up to four hours long the government says national security was not compromised and it doesn't think this was a malicious attack at least nine people were killed overnight when a running a protesters attacked police stations the antigovernment demonstrations are now entering a six day hundreds have been arrested and injured during the unrest president trump has returned to the white house to up packed agenda is poised to take on infrastructure and immigration while facing a budget deadline and the ongoing russia investigation dave packer abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on komo news i'm michael preston speed was a contributing factor to december's train derailment near dupont that killed three people but komos met markevic reports of rail accident investigators says training the tract and amtrak's culture i'd have also played a role as either employs the did not want to come out in public because they're afraid of losing their job john hide his hearing from amtrak employees questioning its safety culture the safety culture is shot and they're poised for failure the former train engineer investigates rail accidents for a law firm that has sued amtrak in the past so where will the blame lie for the amtrak 501 derailment it could be a year before the ntsb releases its findings but it's already said in audio recording reveal the engineer realize the train was going too fast into the curve six seconds before the.

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