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Benton born wrong in sixteen spencer ware to expose his consistent over distributors whittington options with his began the studio tails the holidays had a ride and gentleman it's perfect time for you to ride in style hurry and jc danny during a men's wardrobe sale and get fifty percent off select suit separates sport coach dress pants and top comes here up with an extra twenty percent off select items with your jason pretty good according to it's the perfect way to step up your game this holiday season that's getting your pennies were jc penny one of the eleven seventeen eleven like twenty percent off are subject to credit for it was a lot to do to be dot com for component yeah yeah vincent de los you his walk radio america but then they show but now when we for example scc if it's a huge protection ryan's from sudden areas to buy the country's people tend to earn the question was pretty plays in this modern wild we have this year with the tendency in our country have that in other countries trying to keep come as society together trying to keep the older and a younger people together trying to get that sort of in who are areas together with enters her given cities is one of the the most important and most noble tarasco halas options these days trying to see each and every one can find his a happ face but the puck to the to sat oops say we out of people and not the other is that is something that we can not allow it to happen well you can agree that is german chancellor on the lamar call saying that and we have this year people not being nice to immigrants i'm she is now remember she has a massive refugee problem there's a difference between legal immigrants and refugees and if i were illegal immigrants i would be infuriated that i was being conflated with an right and and being confused with an lumped.

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