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The president has denied the allegations in washington rachel sutherland fox news india's putting more police of neighborhoods in the hope of reversing two sevenyear rise in the murder raise began transitioning backed old fashioned police beats this year with officers on patrol at fifteen high crime neighborhoods the city says it has the money now to cover about three quarters of the city i am pd loss moved to run ballistics tests immediately when it confiscates guns in a crime to see what other crimes they're connected to eric burma 93 see mobile new bit of drama briefly late this afternoon part of the city county building lost electricity and some folks were trapped in elevators in the dark firefighters got them out old k on the north side a carbon monoxide build up forced the evacuation of seventy eight children from the purpose of life daycare no injuries in that incident at 37th and kessler the toys were todd's campaign is running behind demand this year did you know you could donate online goaded toys for totsorg and click on donate more than about two or three more quick you can donate immediately tori cow and where you can actually this week to do at large cory by staff sergeant christopher like yours is the need is greatest for newborns the twoyearold's and for boys and girls 9 and over there has you traffic i stand still looking into this water main of reagan broad ripple if we just talked with citizens energy and they're telling us this is a twelve an inch cast iron bayne breaking it's causing as some flooding according to scott who called it a little bit earlier it's a kessler boulevard east west of keystone avenue right there in front of bishop should start high school k and from what i understand from what scott told us these roads or kessler is not passable here at the moment because of the flooding also in the northwest side northbound four sixty five very heavy obvious and picked up eighty six street up to eight sixty five crash michigan at seventy first westland wrote on the west side there's a wreck girard avenue of crawford's ville slow on the southwest side eastbound poor 65 start against seventy rambling around the harding street we have a crash injury reported at carrow road south of.

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