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It has it has been and it is part of my plan because native deodorant is effective it's safe and it's simple it has coconut oil shea butter tapioca starch to absorb witness I can pronounce all those things good you really did a great job eh what it doesn't have doesn't have aluminum or aluminium if I were British money away you don't want it want under your arms either way doesn't have parabens is or sulfates or highlights I can't even gone on Sally I reject them you've already knew Amy's rejecting her I tell like it native has free returns and free exchanges so there's no risk to try it but was seven thousand five-star reviews you will like it for twenty percent if your first native purchase visit Native Deodorant Dot Com and use the Promo code laughing during checkout that's native deodorant dot com and the Promo Code laughing account for twenty percent off so we've spent a lot of time talking about prep dish and how you can do kito diets or Paleo or whole thirty and all of that is true but it can also sound like practice is for people who like their food complicated it is not because let me tell you do I seem like a person who likes to complicate now not does it do I seem like a person who's like I want less carbs I am not that person honestly it can also be for those of us who like food extremely simple that's exactly why I like it because I don't have to decide what to order and what to make just make it and then it's there if I don't do practice lunchtime comes and if I'm out of the House I'm like pizza and if home cereal but if I have the Arugula with blackberries pecans and go cheese crumbles already made and in the fridge I will eat that instead and spoiler alert picks up a couple of minutes to order the groceries online when you have the prep dish list and then it takes like five minutes to compose it using the instructions it's small time commitment in huge return practice removes any excuse you have.

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