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Another one that was played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie All the President's men. Hollywood always liked Woodward. Better They had Robert Redford play him is not exactly Robert Redford. I think it would be fair to say But Carl Bernstein, starved for attention in these challenging times, was on CNN yesterday and declared President Trump to be a homicidal president. Homicidal president. Because he held a rally in Arizona, where people were given masks and invited to unmask given hand sanitizer and things in the news media is I rate that people decided not to wear their masks in a crowd because they're not protest ng, I guess or rioting or looting or burning are attacking 17 year olds are attacking the police or throwing Molotov cocktails. In which case the news media is fine with people not wearing masks there. They have no comment about it. Under those circumstances, what When normal people get together, the news media becomes irate about this. I saw Allison camera this morning on CNN, just shaking her head and sucking her teeth and pissed. Well, we're gonna have to wait a couple of weeks and see. We just hope everyone doesn't die. They just wanna They just hope because they care very deeply about human life. Especially Trump supporters on DH. I'm marveling at this Onda again. The old double standard thing with these people were it not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all. They don't say a thing. Not a peep out of these people. As your Aunt Ruth used to say, not a peep, not a peep out of these people when it comes to the riots and looting and the mob violence and the screaming at everybody, and that that bald child rapist and serial little boy child rapist and Kano sho that was shot by the 17 year old Kyle Riton house. And they really hate Kyle written. How's what's his name? Juan Williams was taking shots at Kyle Riton house last night. He can't remember his name, of course, but taking shots at him and he is a really terrible person. Is the community lifeguard. Earlier in the day he was the community lifeguard. 17 year old Want to be a police officer want to protect property from violent mobs that were looting and burning study came out, said more than $15 million in damage to Kenosha. Not exactly Chicago. It's a small place $50 million. At least I'm sure it'll turn out being more than that. But that's okay. Andi. I gotta tell you, you know they're all they're heroes. They're criminals. All the Democrat Party. All their heroes are criminals. It's very consistent these days. They love Criminals, especially violent, criminally insane. It helps if they're also child. Sexual abusers like the creep in Kenosha, That was that was shot, but just extraordinary stuff. And and you know, I read about these crazy people in the violent Riots at the peaceful, mostly peaceful protests. That the news media tells about Inspector story about how all the violence across America's right wing violence in the post. It ends with the line about how there mostly peaceful, mostly peaceful. We have mostly peaceful T shirts and mostly peaceful coffee mugs with Chris plants because of this very absurdity, this very irony which they do not comprehend. Extraordinary stuff. But all they're heroes. They're criminals and most of the mind convinced are mentally ill and probably psychopathic, which I was reading about why I was reading about psycho path yesterday. And psychology today, laying out the characteristics of a psycho path, which is given away by the absence of off empathy. On a callousness detachment When it comes to other people. Lack of empathy enables psycho pads to be highly manipulative on it is it's full of fascinating stuff. Glibness, grandiose sense of self worth need for stimulation. Does it sound like the people riding across America? Hey, they're manipulative con people There is a lack of remorse or guilt reduced emotional responses. They're callous. They typically live parasitic lifestyle that is their parasites. They live in their parentsbasement when they're 28 years old, and they steal stuff and live off of other people's drugs, You know poor behavioral controls anything sound familiar? Promiscuous sexual behaviors. The the occupy movement early behavioral problems on I love these lack of realistic long term goals. Well, it means the whole black lives matter. Democrat Party thing is psychopathic. That's that's a lack of realistic long term goals. Ask a black lives matter what their goals are, what they are or what their objectives are. They don't have any. It's to make a better world or something mentally dwarf like Like that impulsivity irresponsibility, failure to accept responsibility for one's own actions. Many short term relationships, juvenile delinquency. These are the signs according to psychology today of Psycho Path, E of what is a psycho path, and I've got to say the Democrats have really organized The psycho paths of America and mobilize them into the streets of our country, Big cities and small across America. Lancaster, Pennsylvania riots and Lancaster, Pennsylvania because a knife wielding wife beating a wife beater wearing criminal attacked the police. Bodycam shows it with a knife and got shot and the Democrats are on the side of the knife wielding wife beater. The police were called because of domestic violence by the woman who was the Victim of the domestic violence. And when the police showed up, the guy came busting out of the house with a knife in his hand wearing a wife beater and attacked the police and he was shot and the Democrats are on the side, not of the police. Who you know you stand there. You get stabbed to death by this lunatic lunatic, by the way, had already been convicted in the past of stabbing four people, the guy with the knife wielding the knife. He had been convicted in the past of staffing for people in previous previous occasions..

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