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Torrez, Brett Gardner, Angie or Shallow, but Luke void has already got in the on deck circle to hit for Gardner. First pitch to Torres and a ground ball down to third writing Kevin Smith, one tap of the MIT across to Guerrero. To get Torres by a step and a half, and that's how you like to do it. If you're reliever one pitch one out. So now void will come up to bat for Gardner. The Yankees are running out about here. They are being shut out. Again. We mentioned earlier in the broadcast just 11 out of 15 teams in the American League and runs scored. Runs per game on the season. And they have nothing to show for it today. Boyd, last year's American League home run champion. Has had a much different kind of year this year and right now just kind of scrapping for playing time as he takes a fastball at the bell for a strike. Not playing every day. No one from Mesa bounced in a slider. And that almost hit void and it almost eight up Danny Jansen, and that could have had all kinds of Nasty, nasty finishes and avoid Jansen are kind of laughing about it right now, as if to say to one another. Who do you think was in more trouble on that pitch? You or me as it relates to look, boy, we talked to Aaron Boone about it today asked him, you know, if any tough decisions for the starting lineup today because of So many folks. Look, boy would have been a candidate to start against the lefty, re you Want one slider down and and again ball too. But with Giancarlo Stanton having spit Amount of time in the outfield long game yesterday. Boone wanted to get him.

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