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Jeff gordon is the leader and right now two hundred fifty eight laps go on the school board tau bush's second. He is one in one seconds behind. Jeff gordon he gets a little bit closer every lap around the rest of the top ten. Kevin harvick is third. Tony stewart's fourth jimmy. Johnson is v rheinland. Riots and six seventh. is kurt. busch. Casey cades bob woodward ninth and is this really hard to tell who's might have something left really get out there. Just run away from the field so to speak well. They realize they're going to come back to pit road before this thing is over and of course i if a caution flag comes up that dictates to everybody to come to pit road in right now. Jeff gordon appears to be the class of the field. But you'd never know who is holding back a little bit saving it to the final moments here. Kyle has closed in several times on. Jeff got with a couple of car. Lengths matter fact made a run out of a few times but right now jeff's kind of stretch in and out. It's one point. Two seconds between gordon and kyle busch kevin harvick. Meanwhile he's four point four seconds back running along in third tony stewart. Nearly five seconds back jimmy johnson. Nearly six seconds. Behind the lead of jeff gordon and it would be good to see jeff gordon. Go back to victory lane. We've talked about how long it's been since he's been to victory lane. How many close calls. He's had last year trying to pick up a victory to says never quite come together. He's one at this racetrack. Before a matter of fact last year he did quite well runner up in the april race and then eleventh of november. So you know a his. His guys racetrack talked about how well the team has performed over the years here and For jeff it's been more than anything a lot of bad luck. That's kept him out of victory lane really have sixty six races since he lasts went to victory lane. And you know the team is better than that. So he's keeping his fingers crossed with hope that Things will stay like they are and He can leave phoenix with a victory. The subway fresh fit five hundred. Kyle busch second again One point one seconds back kevin. Harvick tony stewart. Jimmie johnson rest of the top. Five ryan newman still on the game very much so at the race track where he started the sprint cup series racing career first place the race was here at phoenix international raceway and always kinda remember those days when a guy makes his move up to the sprint cup series level. And you're wondering okay. What's gonna show us. What's he gonna do. Really last and ryan newman certainly has had staying power and has done very very well. He's out there soldiering on in six. Casey cain a seventh. Kurt busch's eight. Aj alm bigger night than paul menard completes the top ten at denny hamlin who normally would be running right up in the top five. He's run pretty good today up in eleventh place right now. But he's got a long way to go to get to the front mark. Martin is twelve. Matt kenseth thirteenth. Martin ex juniors fourteenth grad kazlauskas showing up fifty position. Greg before sixteen. Marcus ambrose seventeenth bonnie eight her heart junior. Dale kinda goes up and then back gained four or five spots and he'll lose full spots but for the moment he's stuck back there in about nineteen th place in twentieth. Is david gilliland. Juan pablo montoya twenty-first right. Now bill elliott twenty-second casey mears. Twenty third tony range twenty-fourth mike skinner twenty fifth. Jeff burton runs in six. Joey logano twenty-seventh voyeurs twenty-eighth carl edwards after spending a time in the garage of rebuilding the whole front end of his ford fusion. He's twenty nine. The number of laps down david reutemann currently in thirty robby gordon's thirty-first. Brian vickers thirty second. Andy lally thirty third. Regan smith thirty fourth david ragan thirty fifth. Jamie mcmurray thirty six. Jj thirty seven landon. Castle thirty eight. Travis posted thirty nine trevor. Bayne fortieth forty first michael mcdowell day forty second and joe nemechek. It's forty third. Look at the autozone leaderboard getting zone. Autozone coming up on forty five laps to go here at phoenix international raceway. Next week the series moves on to las vegas motor speedway and then they'll move on to bristol short track racing action there after that will be going out to auto club. Speedway of southern california motor racing network picks up the schedule air for the auto club five hundred until the weekend of march the twenty sixth and twenty seventh tickets are available for a great week in racing in southern california and again. We'll have the coverage for you hear the motor racing network from there. It's back to short track racing again. Martinsville speedway in virginia one of. I think everybody's favorite racetrax visit the cost of the hotdogs if nothing else but of course the raciest good there to goody's fast pain relief. Four hundred and the kroger two fifty going on at martinsville speedway and that is the weekends of april. The second and the third. That's the five hundred. I'm sorry typo on that We'll have coverage for martinsville. Speedway we move on the panel. Vegas superspeedway april the sixteenth and seventeenth for the errands three twelve and the ahrends four ninety nine and of course all those strikes have their ticket offices white down. There are open ready for your calls or you could do it. The easy way log on the motor racing network dot com. Make your plans to come join us. Its upcoming great. Nascar sprint cup. Series races doubt forty three laps to go. There will be one more round of pitstops exactly when not really sure that it can't too far away. Two hundred sixty nine laps complete interesting day here. A lot of torn up equipment in a couple of crashes at collected anywhere from ten cars to seven or eight card but still. That's one thing. That's great about nascar. If you can have an accident like at talladega where they sometimes have the big one takeout half the feel and the racing is still very good all day. Long only difference. I guess barney's the fact that talladega when you tear the front end of the car off you can't give back out there and maintain speed here to track like phoenix or some of the short tracks. That are coming up on the schedule. You see all kinds of configurations race. Some missing the whole front end some of the different colored front end. The steve post pointed out earlier. You know not real pretty what they get the job done the arrow not making that big difference at a racetrack like this so they can continue to run and work on building points and taking something home as opposed to you know eight zero for the day's work bar rebuilt today and gone out that i was gonna say it's a case of a lot of guys. Today because there has been so much carnage particularly in the first part of this race. Jeff gordon still leads. Kabua's still second. Tony stewart. Never really know about tony until maybe the last few laps he'll turn up the wick. He's managed to get himself inside the top five which is pretty pretty good day's work kevin harvick same thing. You never really know how good kevin is. Unless he's so good and he can jump out front. Stay there all day so possible. Winter certain jimmy johnson and ryan newbies. We talked about being nice if casey came to relating the better. Why would be good to seek ac with With a good run here so we'll get right down to it. Some pitstops coming up. We're down to thirty nine laps remaining. Jeff gordon leads at phoenix tom. Johnson's camping center has affordable to fit any budget. You'll miss great deals on their huge selection of the motorhomes fifth wheels travel trailers and fold downs. Hurry into a. Tom johnson camping center. Location near you. They're in concord in marion north carolina. Or you can shop online at tom. Johnston's camping center dot com back at phoenix. International raceway down to thirty three laps to go. Jeff gordon still out. Let's take a moment and update where the coca cola racing family of drivers are currently running brought to you by coke. Classic oakland a coke and enjoy the race. Tony stewart currently running in third ryan. Newman is six. Kurt busch's innate denny. Hamlin runs tenth greg before his fifteenth. Bobby labonte is nineteenth. Jeff burton is in the twenty. Sixth spot went boyer. Twenty-seventh joey logano in twenty nine. That's a look at where the coca cola racing family of drivers are running as we are at lap. Two hundred eighty one and we saw hamlin.

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