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Fifteen million after this past year or less? I would say less, and so if the Steelers have the right to match offer sheet that turns out to be less than what they were offering them. Maybe they go ahead and do sign levian Bill. That would certainly be interesting, particularly if you're gonna move on from 'Antonio Brown. Maybe you wanna keep Levy on Bill now again, some of these domestic issues with Antonio Brown, really cloud the picture and make it murkier than ever before. I think that they want to trade him. I think he wants to be traded. The question is what is another team willing to give up for him right now with some of these questions hanging in the air. So I think that they're more apt to move on from Brown. I think they're likely to move on from Bill both back. No, one of them back potentially. Yeah. Enough of the AFC north Adam sick of it. See north with a question about the Minnesota Vikings. Hey, Adam this is Joel from springs. I miss it. A Viking fan serious onto things with the addition of Gary kubiak to the Vikings coaching staff. Do you believe that Mike Zimmer is indeed on the hot seat in that higher potential -i there in case they need to make a coaching change mid-season? Second question would be with her cousins performance during primetime games and sponging. Lackluster, do you believe that there's a level of concern now given the contract and lengthier type him in Minnesota court here? Great questions, Joel appreciate them. Thank you for them. And I would say this to you number one knowing Gary kubiak for an awful long time since nineteen ninety. He does not want to be a head coach again, he has no interest in being hey coach again. So I think every coach short of Bill Belichick or Sean McVeigh's always on the hot seat in the NFL. So if the Vikings had a terrible season would Mike Zimmer be on. Hoti? Yes. Do I think that they want Gary kubiak could take over maybe? So by Gary kubiak, does not wanna be a head coach. He's had some health issues in the past. He likes to run an offense. He does not want the burden of the whole organization. That's not something that interests him at this time in his life. Could they turn somebody else? Yeah. Always I guess, but I would not expect Gary kubiak to be the internet coach now watch him take over in November. If the Vikings are failing, right? The second part of that would be Kirk cousins. Are they concerned the struggles? Again, I'm going to go back to Gary kubiak, Gary kubiak, Mike Shanahan, very close. Mike Shanahan thinks the world of Kirk cousins thinks he's drew Brees two point. Oh, okay. So if Mike thinks that I can promise you that Gary believes in that at the very least. And I think that one of the reasons you go out and hire Gary is for his belief in Kirk cousins, I think he's belief matches. That of what the Vikings organization had a year ago when they paid Kirk cousins all the guaranteed money that they did. So I. That they believe that. They've got the right guy to work with Kirk cousins, he'll be better in his second year with Minnesota. And then that will prevent them from having to make a coaching change and ask our kubiak to become the interim head coach hope I answer all your questions there. Joel I was well done outta may answered to you gave them more than two answers. Well done. Thank you. So we've gotten questions from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, let's just hit on one more Great Lakes state before we get out of here. Good morning. My name is Omar Rodriguez from Houston, Texas, but question for you is what is your best memory of your time at the university of Michigan. Omar appreciate that. I would say that really everything was. But the thing that stands out was in my senior year in one thousand nine hundred nine. Michigan basketball team basically had to replace Bill Frieder it take coach on the eve of the NCAA tournament. And Michigan went in the first round and won its first two games, and my college buddies, and I drove from Ann Arbor to Lexington for the second round for the Sweet Sixteen when they beat North Carolina on Friday night and Virginia on Sunday afternoon to get to the final four and me and my buddies got online at the Atlantic office that Monday morning waited for final four.

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