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I for some reason, I love to be more around people when I'm doing that part of the process and that energy. Yeah. Yeah and that's been sad to me because I can't go to my coffee shops and Sit there and write in. Yeah I'm I want that back? Yeah. You said a magic word when you said that you had your office, what do you surround yourself in your office when you're working? Yeah. Painting a picture lettuce, your office liquid. We'd love to ask This I. Love It. I happy in my office. Wallow. Show I folks. Book friends. I have a lovely chair that I can lounge in and there's always one or two of my dachshunds in the chair. So right now, my little dachshunds Sedona is sleeping keeping me company. And a lot of like inspirational quotes hanging from the door is my skeleton yet magical skeleton. So my best friend Amy when I was in high school and we were all departing for college she gave in like one of those like they're like maybe a foot tall and they're like at Halloween those rubber skeletons. Yes you know that. Yeah. So she gave me one of those in she dressed to embark be close. And I know. But I spend like my tells since I left is. Always with me Oh and. Is. It is we do Paul Samya. Junior I it won't feel. So what Kinda cute about that is. So my best friend Amy. From high school she. See loved. My Dad did and she became a nurse and she started nursing school in she would accompany my dad on autopsies so that she could learn anatomy. Cool. Yeah, she loved that. So she to work with my dad a bit and he always was teaching nurses EMT's and stuff like that. So he's like, yeah, amy come along. So she loves hanging out with him learning stuff so. She was part of my my coroner's world. That's cool. That's so cool. On a kind of a serious note to tell us about how this novel is in part a partnership with the Cold Case Foundation 'cause that's something I haven't come across a lot of crime fiction. Thank you. Thanks for asking that I'm really excited about this. So I. Found the cold-case on mission about a year ago but I had been looking for a long time for some sort of organization philanthropist. Har a love. Supporting amazing causes and donating my time my money whatever it can. And I want something that ties into my brand that that support forever you know that that is just part becomes a part of my brand what I'm doing and that proceeds of the things I'm working. In a person. Can support the real heroes because it's like writing about this I can kind of do it from the protection of my lovely office in I can create these crime worlds in these heroes. But the I've known a lot of the real heroes out there and they are the people who deserve the real praise and I want to find the right. Organization to support and I came across them very randomly or Providence. And I. Think. Wow. I started reading their website like, Whoa, these people are exactly who think I'm on a partner with so I I kind of them in. Succession of conversations with the Executive Directors for both former FBI profiler their former law enforcement, and now they've been running this in a profit organization twenty fourteen it's amazing. We call Nick The avengers of crime because they have. This is cool because they have like not only. Do they have this FBI profiling background the US and they it's very unique way of investigating cold cases that most people aren't doing and they have this pool of like twenty or forty, and it's growing professionals from all over the US and the world..

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