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A do president next sunday he was i'm going to be speaking about the half board for building a permanent and server the majority in this country i mean while but the polling information from yeah love gelled has a piece today and it's fascinating headline from sets new low point now of course you it was look at so many media outlets and you'll see from said his new low point for what this time well right now i love to saying trump sets new low point for inaugural approval rating and no i don't think there polls we're in violent or it could be the ultimate an accuracy but they give yeah general indication of the way people are feeling and three that's what pollsters get paid for and no i don't think they're raved and i don't think they're dirty and i don't think they're phony and the polling for mr trump they ask very simply due approve or disapprove of the job the president trump is doing they're tender shadow of no opinion which is historically the lowest ever in other words people have a a more clear impression of donald trump at this point his presidency then for in the of his predecessors forty five percent approve forty five percent disapprove ss up and and in the country's evenly split you have except when you compare it to everybody else two and everybody else going back to eyes and how are it's kind of alarming it's an indication that mr trump and he recognizes it as a whole lot of work to do i think he's doing some good work in that regard i mentioned earlier in the show i enthusiastically applaud they hiring freese that he instituted and that they hiring phase of course been condemned a by a lot of the public employee unions one of them the i david cox's president of the american federation government employees said this hiring freese.

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