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News won a two communists being honored today. With the announcement of the Nobel prize for economics has written about the effects of technology on the economy. And why us Paul Romer admits he missed the first calls from the Nobel committee this morning because he thought it was spam. And yes, Paul Romer is that Romer Colorado Romer family. He's the Senate. Former governor ROY Romer Broncos coach Vance Joseph is not mincing words about who's to blame for the thirty four to sixteen loss to the New York. Jets defense our defense half the half to be ours. Our savior on Sundays right now. We hadn't done that in the last two weeks. Now, we've given up major major yards, and it's it starts with coaching. And we've got to play better coach said that there will be changes KOA's voice of the Broncos. Dave, logan. Joined us earlier. I think the NFL is is not very forgiving when it comes to games like the Broncos played yesterday. So it was it was an embarrassment the way they played, and they somebody has to figure out what they're going to do about it. Alabama's have now. Lost three straight games. This sunday. The Broncos host the Rams what does get any easier. That's at Bronco stadium at bil-. High. Our coverage at eight o'clock kick-off is at two and let's give a tip of the hat to undefeated CU you footballer five and the bus beat Arizona state on Saturday twenty eight twenty one and they're now ranked nineteenth in the nation. And the people see as she Rams went by the way as well. It's just a shame. Colorado Rockies season has come to an Coors field. The brewers won the game three one game three. I should say six zip Rockies pitcher Scott over it says the brew crew they just put it.

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