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Uh i am homesick and am on buzzfeed and a he something about selena gomez islam i automatically quick because i have a fascination with selena gomez his mom i think she is an incredibly complex who and i would really like you guys to dive into it because like if inmate oh my gosh it's amazing so i calling i'm growing up early this is about for leanadro mrs involvement with woody allen and um she's in this film a rainy day in new york clock you woody allen um alongside timothy chaumet el fanning and jude law um lay timote say shower may is donating his paycheck from the movie two times up the lgbt center in new york and rain which is i mean wow i really liked him or say i will really rooting for him now like uh but i mean it's problematic that he was involved with the movie in the first place so whatever the as selena gomez and she doesn't seem to morally bankrupt but her mom is just not having this crap um the quoted noone can make selena do anything she doesn't want to do i had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn't click and then there's all this like fan theory that they're on the alcohol ready which is so talking route why do people do that i and i guess that's what i'm doing now so i don't wanna be a hypocrite i good form balance harm yummy potscard you know i love you guys i so this is interesting mandy her name is mandy tthis selena gomez is moms what's what sort of intriguing about this whole story and i think might be one of the reasons this caller is so obsessed with it is because soon don't miss his mom was a sort of a nonentity for so long because she.

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