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MBA files on Dwyane Wade shot 63 throws and three games and 10 Donaghy was in that serious tended to you was a known cheater. We do know that. All right? So you're predicting a heat win to get it to Game seven in the beginning tomorrow night. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised because the real ratings should be off the charts. Game seven. I still think the Lakers were gonna pull it off. But you know David Stern to croak and Adam Silver's a Croat league Full crews. Okay, thanks for the call. Glad to know you'll be tuned, but I do not feel I should have been over in five. Thanks for taking my call. You got it. Thanks for the call. Now not fixed. Ah, potential calls going one way. The other two. Allows someone to make a ah wager or two. Ah, correctly and win money. Gambling? Yeah, that that's happened. That has happened. In the end. He's talking about a conspiracy that starts With the commissioner and works its way down. Teo put a better TV rating. Two numbers. I'm sorry. I just don't buy it. Maybe I'm being played too. Maybe they're pulling the wool over my eyes. But I'm going to stay off the grassy knoll line. That one. I'd bite me hour here on CBS Sports Radio. Keep the phones open Arrest the hour 855 to 124227. But time out for a CBS Sports update. Here's Mike McCann. Sports flash. Joanie, a big Saturday night full of college football. Let's start at the top of the polls number one Clemson Ah 42 17 win over seventh right. Miami with Heisman Trophy candidate Trevor Laurence passing for three touchdowns but is the TV pitchman likes to say there is more to wide outs, right? Double tight end. Look, Richard know Warren's Field got Munson, Clemson Tigers Radio network, second ranked Alabama and old missing. If you took 100, total points and the under you lost crimson tide with 63 48. Wind number five Notre Dame Cruise past Florida State, 40 to 26 earlier number three Georgia over Tennessee 44 21 forthright Florida, Though upset by Texas A and M 41 38. Marathon of the day. That was Oklahoma's for overtime. 53 45 win over Texas It's Week five in the NFL. It began with the Bears beating Brady in the Buccaneers Thursday night, so appealing games coming up on Sunday, including the free No Steelers hosting the 12 and one Eagles. Yet the Pennsylvania rivalry back in effect, Steelers leave the NFL with five sacks of game eagles right behind him there second. With 4.23 and one colts visiting the three and one Browns for indie quarterback Philip River, settling in nicely. He's completed almost 73% of his passes and Indianapolis ranks first in the league in total defense, holding their opponents just 14 points a game. Russell Wilson and the undefeated Seahawks hosting the one of three Vikings in the Sunday night ER, Minnesota, of course, coming off their first win the seal Bill O'Brien's fate by beating the Texans at the French Open 19 year old Angus fanatic of Poland, defeating America's Sofia Kenin fill a women's singles crown in straight sets later on the world's top to rank men's players Novak Djokovic and Raphael Nadal. Face off in the men's finals Game six n BA final Sunday night under the bubble in Orlando, Jimmy Butler kept the Heat alive with the dynamic performance on Friday night of a Lakers still just one win away from their 17th NBA title from hockey. Free agent Jesper Fast leaves the Rangers a three year deal with Carolina and I might McCann Hey, what's happening? It's Brandon Tierney Be shorter list of CBS Sports radio at home. Ask Alexa to play CBS Sports Radio. Hi. This is Jay Farner, CEO of Rocket Mortgage Making the right financial decisions has never been more important. We can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter most mortgage rates are near historic lows. So when you call 8338 rocket or visit us at rocket mortgage dot com to start your refinance, you'll be well on your way to saving money every month. The rate today in our 30 year fixed rate mortgage is 3.375%.

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