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So! We go to Dr. Hang on just a second. We go to Dr George Rutherford He's an epidemiology professor at UCSF and we welcome him to the program. I want to put all politics aside and just talk about the science of masks, and if if an N. ninety five mask is the right one to wear. Does it make it? Does it make a difference if you're making your own mask? Why should we wear masks stock? I, thanks for having me on I. Hadn't realized your comedian I'm still laughing about the by after work to get a body like this, I mean. Yes, you may. Running down my face right now but So masks her Massacre very important that they're basically what's going to get us out to? The other side of this story can get vaccine. are they more effective than than having everybody stay in their house forever. No, but we can't do that, right? That's not a viable option. Sorry, you know, let's let's talk about the benefits of of so. There's a large science behind this There is I. Think some of the most compelling stuff is from outbreaks that have or have it happened. and we can get into all the engineering and you know sort of fancy kind of. And filtering and all those sorts of things. But there are, there are at least a couple of things I think there are worthwhile bringing out that your listeners may not a furtive. One is right after springfield. Missouri reopened. This is in in June. Late may early June and I apologized for those who are in the know because. I'm going to sound like my mother talking about hairdressers and beauty parlours. There were there to to hairdressers both of whom are symptomatic. who work nine shifts and in a beauty parlor and had a hundred and thirty nine clients the beauty parlor. required customers to wear masks and required the. the hairdressers to wear to wear masks. so. Hundred and thirty nine people. The both are both hairdressers were symptomatic. They had masks on the customers had masks on their zero transmissions. another is Think it's. It's one of the other things that I think that's emerging about masks aside from their ability to stock transmission. Is it of cases do occur. People are getting infected and this is still a bit hypothetical, but I'll give you some of the evidence for it. People are getting infected with lower doses and having less severe. Disease, there was an outbreak in a seafood package packing plant in Newport Oregon. where people were wearing wearing masks. And Ninety five percent of the people who became infected We're a symptomatic, had no symptoms being that they probably which probably as a consequence of having a lower dose similarly, if you. Say So cruise cruise ship things you know. When people have Mastodon, they're more likely. Some disease. Okay so let me take a break I have to. I have to. I have to take a quick break because I. Have a network. I have to take, but then when he come back I. WanNa ask you then about. which masks and is it just a feel good thing to make your own mask and and wear it. And why we are so divided on, this will come back in just a minute. The Glenn Beck Program. Okay my pillow. I WanNa talk to you about what? Mike Lindell's rolling out again. I try topper if you've ever used my pillow or any other of his fantastic products. You're going to be able to You're going to be able to really change the way you sleep especially if you have a mattress has really uncomfortable and I know actresses are expensive. Before you get a new mattress, try the new mattress topper instead from mypillow DOT com. Your night's sleep should change it if it doesn't. It's got a sixty day money back. Guarantee, so you'll be able to get your money back if it doesn't work. Then you go out and buy a new mattress, but it's made with three layers that provide superior. Superior support evenly distribute the body weight, and it also regulates the temperature throughout the night. Four corners straps holds topper in place it is has a cover at softest silk fiber that zips right off, so it's completely machine, washable and dryable, and now you get thirty percent off the all new my.

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