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Dot Com today Promo Code Revolution Twenty percents off ship everywhere in the entire world and on the same boxes you said, seven eleven is the same they shipped to your house. So you're fucking. Bag. I saw the oldest woman in the world last night turned one hundred, sixteen years old. Do. You WanNa live Nope Nope me neither knowing what you know now or what's going on now now I, think I'd walk right out onto the Tova. You think. One Sixteen. Yeah It's too much but you're not walking anyway are are you I've we'll myself rates to downtown la right to skid row and just catch some good old fashioned Cova and call it a life. Yeah. Ever I never you never never know. How how long do I want to live? Let's say maybe. By that time, there may be some kind of pill some kind of magic pill more an injection from fucking Boyd you can you know what I mean put into my blood stream and so maybe eighty five. Tell you this. Mine because I'm thirty two right now if this goes on for another year sir, I'll be thirty, three call it and I'll be fine with life. I don't want to go through this shit. There were currently going through for another fucking here. Right you can go ahead and take my life away. If I have to go through this for another fucking year theoretical. The mask all the bullshit climbdown. nope. Not Going to come to a gym. For the first time in like a month rate since his move living on a suitcases, you know to wear a fucking mask the entire workout yep because that's what it is. Did know that I did know that you did. Yeah. I did because that's the way this can share works grow. No, I'm GONNA I'm going turn it back now. Oh, to North Carolina. Sure My. Mama Mia Madre talked to her last night. Her Gym is open. No mask right you don't wear master. Maschen. I take it off putting your pocket workouts and the wear masks on the way. I felt like I was gonNA fucking die and that mask. Your I'm just breathing in my own shit heavy breathing on it or whatever. I was like. This can't be the way this can't be life anymore. So if this goes on for another year guide while walkout into the covert. I'll be playing hello by Adele, the number one song in the world. Female artist Song right time right and just go walk right on out in that way Cova. Okay I'm not a lot. It's a bit much, not really Sort of talking about in the beginning. As far as just hysterics. This isn't hysterics. This is just calm suicide it is. It's just a choice of living a certain way and it's like. I don't really WanNa live like that anymore. Okay Right. A Walk right out onto the COVID. I wish. I will rent a fog machine, Fulco, Vit-, like La just go to prop department La. All this fog machines. Put some cove in there I wanna see it just flood flood my horse shit in May not of the age to die from it like whatever's out there I'm sure it'll be something next year some Spider Dick will be injected into people. From an air conditioning or something weird happen next year, and if that's the case and we're all mass up and doing this shit gun. Gun ended. Because the more and more the shit goes on the more and more ridiculous. It is Disney. fucking Disney the APP for kids cartoons for kids but they're celebrating today was. That they had their first bisexual lead character, any child's cartoon. Okay apparently, that was not represented enough. No I don't think so at all. Your bisexual as a kid. Yet I don't know. I don't know about that. You'll strange, right? Yeah. When I read it, they were going on isn't this is the first I like teenagers saying. It's fucking cartoon people. They're not real. Yeah. Okay fourteen. Fourteen. All right. The characters, fourteen years old I think you do now. At fourteen. Yeah. From what I bird. Yeah. Yeah. When's the first time you knew you were attracted to girls. When I put addiction mouth. Okay. Thirteen fourteen years. Younger kindergarten. I was one of the first people to girls. So ago someone. If you're gay, you would know then that you're attracted to boys, right No I didn't know I didn't really know what I didn't know anything about the fucked that was going on. Okay. Well, then I mean actually attracted to where you're like, Oh, you see them in that different way right like before you see them for like Oh shit those boobs are. Like that, right? Right Before that you're just Kinda like, Oh, I'm just doing what we're supposed to do and having friends and Mike inviting girls over, and this is like cool guys doing this what I see in movies or whatever. But that shift, which usually happens like middle school right where you start to be like, ooh or sixth grade where you start to notice. People in a sexual way. I think it's twelve thirteen fourteen. Okay. From what I've heard. So you think Raven. I mean Y- yeah. Right like if somebody. There's there's plenty of fourteen year olds that are dealing with their sexuality. Right so and the point of that is to see someone in a Disney movie that you can be like, okay it's okay for me to think. Of course. Hurting, anybody mark my question though is in cartoon. We've cartoons sure for Disney plus. Plus. When would come up in a conversation? Right Would you have for lunch today nothing? Can I see your tit? What's why? Sarah? I'm bisexual. I'm guessing it's not gonna be that but. I don't now. Yeah. Thankfully, you do not right for this show but. Well, how would you recognize? We know how you would have written it in. The executives it'd be like all right. Cool. It's fine if you WanNa make a cartoon character by but how do you introduce that into a cartoon? I don't know I don't know what the cartoon is about. Your I mean like I don't know what the cartoons about. I. Don't know if they're falling in love with someone or they have a crush on someone or I don't know..

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