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And you're listening to USA radio news now you live anywhere in the world and paid account prices on your airline white anywhere else you want to go and last call the international travel department right now at low cost airline eight hundred two one five five one four one eight hundred two one five five one four one that's eight hundred two one five fifty one forty one at campaign stops all across the country democratic senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is attacking wealthy Americans and saying that they didn't build their own business home depot co founder Bernie Marcus joins fox news and was asked his reaction when senator Warren says that he didn't build home depot when I was working eighty hours a week it wasn't me working because it was somebody else working is inside my body but eighty hours a week week after week start the struggling to build this company up the government didn't help me I must tell you the government did everything they could to stop me from being successful and because all the people you don't hear that they hear this nonsense look at her how much money is she worth today big chain retail stores are cashing in with the details here's USA radio networks when the king the final holiday shopping push is in full swing retail analyst brit flick injure says Saturday was a particularly busy day bad sectors were clearly discount department stores and Bob price retailers so discount department stores led by Walmart and target off price led by Burlington and TJ maxx Marshalls Ross stores experts say what's come to be known as super Saturday is expected to bring in billions more than Black Friday for more news find us online at US a radio dot com for USA radio news I'm Tim Burke.

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