Donald Trump, President Trump, Ronald Reagan discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To you wouldn't know what now yasser arafat he's the guy and his uncle the nazi collaborator his the nazi collaborator what donald trump is doing here is so historic assuming they follow through with us it's so historic that no prior american president had the guts to do you understand what i'm saying even my hero ronald reagan to the surprise of senior officials who were attendance at this meeting trump crash the meeting with his own detailed agenda according to a person familiar the white house deliberation see somebody opposed to this and the meeting is leaking to the media hoping that somebody will stop maybe mr mattis at the defense department maybe mr tillerson at the state department or there buddy bob corker wrong way pa the infamous iranian deal the scheduled 30minute meeting on waving the 1995 law that requires the us to move the embassy stretched two hours than trump stayed for nearly half of that she i didn't think trump was engaged through intelligent or whatever do you know there was a report drudge put it out there that i met with the president i wasn't supposed to was a social meaning you know during the entire meeting with the present i'm not going to get into details he was asking me questions what do i think about this what do i think about that why do i think about that he was enormously inquisitive enormously inquisitive he wanted to know what i thought about all these different issues that he's dealing with that like joe scarborough mr deliverance over there this is a big deal i feel too.

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