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Your host Jake's Isky with me as always are Tyler Hollerbach and Matt Win. Everyone welcome in we are going to be doing our weeks six recap also doing a little preview for week seven as we are recording. Josh Allen just threw an interception. So looks like chiefs are going to win another one here we know Matt's happy about that. I am happy I could use some more fantasy points out of Patrick Mahomes, but a chiefs win is a welcomed sight as Vikings. Fans we don't get too many of those winds so I will take them with the chiefs. No, we do not. Let's not talk about their game on Sunday Matt I gotTa ask You though how is your Monday night luck just continuing to go on because you had key face Keenan Allen last week and somehow came out with a victory even though he chalked up the loss on our last. DID REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY FELLAS. So sure my opponent needed twelve points out of Keenan Allen and Keenan Allen went down with an injury after his touchdown I ended up winning by two points. So that was as lucky as it gets. But how tonight? I need ten points Deandre Hopkins in a full point PR league. As long as I can get this w tonight that luck will continue. I don't even know if I'd call it walk but the way twenty twenty s going I will count as a as whatever you want. I just need to secure this w I'm also playing against Mitch Cal who is my biggest rival I'm sure you've heard me talk about him quite a bit. So ten points skins I would love to have that secured in. The first half yeah. I'm right on board with their I need a big game out of Deandre Hopkins to try to take down Tyler here in the podcast league. Yeah. Where are you guys at? You have your entire team playing in the last game of the week down seventy with Kyle Murray Andy Dalton, deandre Hopkins, and Michael Gallup dollar. You have lamb right I have lamb. All right. Well, I think it'll be close to be really Cold Tyler's projected to win by about ten right now I'm already chocking the W for. Sure I'll undefeated week. So you want in your eighteen league that means the I got maddie ice believed in Mattie ice on the waiver wire. Weird. It's like you listen to me. Yeah. To just pick up anybody playing the vikings that quarterback is going to ball out. The Vikings are terrible. There's your fantasy insight play anyone against the Vikings were officially tanking for Trevor. So start anybody can against the Minnesota Vikings Trade Kirk Dallas. Yeah. Potentially also WANNA a shout shadow to Josh Super Mario you're about to go six hundred on the podcast league buddy..

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