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And I thought because I used to do a character that did stand up. We started on the ten minute podcast, David Greco, and then I would go out and do this character. But it's too character. Right. Like, it's just got a voice will Sasso. That's a good idea. Yeah. But what if my dad is we'll Sassa? But what if I did this? What if I did stand up as will Sasso? Yeah. But I call myself, something else freight awesome. Just come out and do stand up as will Sasso being somebody else. And I call the guy. Maybe he's something like, Jeff, ladies and gentlemen. Please. Welcome jeff. Okay. Great. So jeff. And then I just look exactly like me. Maybe maybe I'll just wear some hip classes. Okay. I used to wear glasses. But now, I got lay sick. So you don't wear glasses. But you have you have imaginary Lazic? Yeah. Where some like fake glasses? Gotcha. Like Randy Jackson would wear on on. Okay. So you need. Well, you need is to hide behind something initially. American idol. Well out as a in a marriage y mask and do standup yelich a Halloween masks, just come. Why don't do? Here's why here's one of the reasons I don't do standup. I don't give a fuck to share my opinion with a lot of people. And I feel like stand ups are true standups like yourself are born you have a lot to say you have a lot of opinions. You know, though, hey do know. No, I got nothing to say, I'm I'm not trying to say nothing excuses for making -chusetts. So you could be one of the great standards. Right. That's that's very wrong. You could. Well, see pair pair those pair those like come out come out. I tell you what. Feature for me horn-rimmed gas. Ryan mask. What what am why? Yeah. Why don't I just be your Bryan Callen warm up to a Brian Kelly? You're gone tobe now Jakarta, Bryan Callen. Yeah. And I come out and Ryan's your your nickname. It'll get a silicone mask made. And it looked like you people get freaked out. And I would I would pay ten thousand dollars for that. I'll come out in a skin tight, cashmere sweater and skintight, gene. I don't I don't I don't do that. Just just like you and a pair of kids fucking shoes. I one of those kids, I know they're gonna deed as a whole, right? We'll see that other cute. What are you size five Tennessee is son of a bitch tuna? And so, and then I'll come out there is no well what? Here. Let's be. Let's be real. Yeah. Let's be real. Yeah. Okay. And here's let's be real I well, I'm busy. You're busy. You're busy in Hollywood. So it's no excuse you're out there. Doing your thing. I just feel like if you haven't done stand up. Yeah. If you haven't done stand up, and then all of a sudden, you run out there and you start doing stand up. Yeah. It's kind of like a cheat. I don't totally disagree. No. Because look at like guys like, Michael Richards, and then and then he's up onstage saying the N word. Now, I'm not saying that's eventuality. Of course. I'm not saying that's an eventuality for someone who hasn't traditionally done standing. You're a racist son of a bitch. So I would there's a. Huge probability that I'll be saying the N word Jesus at any point when I become even a little would you do that. And that's a risk because being up on stage is no joke. No. But I know that I'm just and more. Then we're after racist. Yeah. That's terrible. Yes. And then I'll be gone forever. That's right. Gone forever band is that's right to the forest having homosexual sex in coughing. All right. Listen to with John Kerry. Jesus turn that. And it's true. I know does so. Yeah. Sorry. Stop trying to he's like hijack initial is out. So here's my thing. It's like them who's who's primarily an actor. I make shit that goes nowhere, and whatever. And then you're up there telling Louis anyway and telling jokes, it's like spin is such a specific thing..

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