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First off. I'm a crazy person. So you're wherever that I go to wash my hands. And here's some of the things that concern me. One eye open up the sink right my hands dirty when I opened up the sink so I try to do it with my elbow. But I've been opening doors and pushing buttons with elbow so I feel like I'm dirty it so then I washed my ange rate and then I have to close the which is now probably infected. Because I touched it before the that my dirty handwrite dirty Elmo and then if I want to get something driver hands. I've touched that with my dirty hands so if I go to touch paper towels regular towels to dry my hands with infected with the germs that I just watched off my hand previous so so it depends on whether you're in your own home or you're in a public washroom. Public washrooms are the worst they are danger zones for these viruses bacteria etc so you can go ahead and turn the water on with your bare hand. Wash your hands. But then turn the water faucet off with the paper towel. Exit the bathroom with the paper towel in your own home. You might have paper towels right next to your sink so that you can open and turn on and turn off the water using Napkins paper towel. Whatever so you're not doing exactly what you're talking about which is re- contaminated Gas Nozzles Supermarket. Debit machines. How dangerous those things you know again. No no way to quantitative but we do know this and I know what I'm about to say sounds really simple but but just bear with me a minute. There's nothing exotic about this virus. You cannot get infected if you don't breathe it in or don't introduce it to your body with your fingers. There's only two ways that we know of so think through what that means if I don't breathe it in okay I'm socially distance I'm not around sick people maybe even in public. I'm worrying self-made facemask. Cause and we can go back to it but that does help Those are those are really important. Things that that people can do and they tend to think. Well let's not very high tech. It's not gonNA help me but it really does help. And then the other thing that we talked about is washing your hands. You now prevented the only two ways in which you can get infected holding your breath around. People is helpful. Well he's interesting. My wife and I were talking about that when we were out running last night. And we said you know. What if we're if we're going to run by anybody and they're coughing or anything you know we're GONNA maintain a ten foot distance because these large respiratory droplets can't go that far. And Yeah you might hold your breath for a second or two until you pass that person billy. What do you have for Dr Greg Poland specialists in infectious disease at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota? So if.

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