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Cyberattacks and disinformation. Terrorism, nuclear deterrence, NATO's role in the rapidly melting Arctic Ocean, the rise of China and Russia's aggressive actions, especially against Ukraine. I'm Stephen Portnoy. The president has vowed to press Vladimir Putin here in Geneva on Ukraine. Ukrainians have a strong belief that Joe Biden Has their back Andre Lucien. It's key leads the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland. Since the war has begun in Ukraine. You have more than 14,000 dead, and the government says a million and a half people have been displaced. The president has stopped short of backing Ukraine's bid to join NATO despite the renewed urging of his counterpart in Kiev, But Mr Biden has invited Vladimir Zelensky to the White House this summer. The president expected to speak at any moment now will have cross spring you the very latest, So keep it here with w. T. O p high ranking Justice Department official is stepping down today. The resignation follows widening reports of secretly seized phone records that happened under the Trump administration, and that includes members of Congress. Details from W. T. O P S. Mitchell Miller today on the Hill. The Justice Department's top national security official, John Dimmers, will resign next week. The announcement follows revelations that under The Trump Administration. Phone data from Democratic members of Congress was seized, including House intelligence chair Adam Schiff, as well as phone records from a former White House counsel and members of the media. Attorney General Merrick Garland says he expects the Justice Department's inspector general to conduct a thorough investigation. Virginia Senator Mark Warner, speaking on Washington Post Live, says he's troubled by the recent reports and is counting on the egg to get to the bottom of them. I hope this is a dark chapter that we can close, and I do hope that those who are responsible be held accountable on Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller w T o P News Benjamin Netanyahu ERA is over in Israel, Naftali Bennett took over as Israel's new prime minister in a brief handover meeting minus the formal ceremony that traditionally goes with the change of power. Bennett put together a coalition by a razor thin majority that ended Netanyahu's 12 year reign over Israel. And its new government is promising to reach out to neglected foreign allies as well as to heal political divisiveness at home. But then Netanyahu is not going out quietly. He's vowing to depose his rivals and claims he was cheated out of power by one time allies just ahead of the U. S. Supreme Court, holding off on an affirmative action decision will explain its 1 33 do your part to reduce waste and recycle right. Many of us are ordering more items.

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