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But you mentioned john watson right there and it seems like there's always a guy in a draft maybe it happens right away maybe it takes a season or two four to present itself but there's a guy that somebody gets later in the draft that you look back and say oh okay he was the guide shawn watson was that guy when the texans put him in the entire dynamic that offense change for the better could lamar jackson be that guy that maybe he'll fall he'll be behind allen will be behind donald and rosen but when it's all said and done that'll be the guy that people wish they would have taken are we happy are located when we drafted of all those guys at atop he really the last one he may be the six quarterback to come onto more mission rudolf may go before me may end up in a second round pick but he put him in the light situation and give him time to blow after the law i think he could be a very very special player for instance in visit lamar jack plan for the jacksonville jaguars look a letter from that they're running game politically on teachest i'll talk that'd be a mad at him play in pittsburgh so then apprenticeship behind been welcomed bona for a couple of years before they threw him onto the feel even think about what he can do in la bonte philip rivers lymph you're in time to really work on his craft darrell cardio john kelly clinton was like you do a great over those guys just some obscure talent standpoint the mark jackson this counted it is a matter of a cold say i want that guy because i believe i can do something that will allow him to play at his mac and really give us something that few in the we.

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