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Live at the Bloomberg news does is brought to you by first mark credit union governing at. hi Megan oil is on track rich biggest weekly increase since January traders want to see of Saudi Arabia can fulfill promises to fix a critical processing facility that was attacked last weekend struggling is seen a retail group is considering the sale of two more of its chains including Catherine's or possibly lane Bryant scene is already in the process of closing its dress barn retail stores wondering what to do after retirement well how about starting a business the fifty five to sixty four year old age group accounted for twenty six percent of the one to printers and twenty seventeen according to the Ewing Marion Kauffman foundation right now the Dow futures are up forty West Texas intermediate up one percent at fifty eight dollars and seventy two cents a barrel live with a Bloomberg business report I made Korea newsradio twelve hundred W. O. a I thank you ed breaking news on the hour at the half anytime at W. away I dot com is brought to you by primo plumbing time now for a look at traffic and weather together from the W. away I traffic center ready they're still looking pretty good at the moment no accidents to report just yet if you're traveling on how we win fifty one west spend between betray go in hot lane reversing a couple minutes of delay and if you break taps if you're traveling on thirty five business road east bound between spur St in grape Avenue I mean is Garcia Phanes or you're told hundred W. away I. theater has your classic rock fix this fall with the legendary oreo Speedwagon on September twenty fourth and don't miss a night with Janis Joplin on September twenty fifth Tony nominated Mary Bridget Davies.

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