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Williams on talkradio six eighty WCBS couple of sprinkles possible here for tonight, not really tracking a whole lot on whether radar but do have some cloud cover in play tonight. Sixty degrees are whoa. Increasing rain chances. Late week Thursday Friday into the weekend. Several days in a row here with gray weather around eighty six tomorrow, I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore from the Weather Channel for talkradio. Six eighty w CD. Now. Keeping you connected with the latest news. This is talk radio six PM and wcbMcom. Good afternoon. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, six eighty WCBS Marilyn news center at the news five thirty one stocks gave up some early gains ended broadly lower after the head of the Federal Reserve appeared to play down the possibility of an interest rate cut this year, something some investors have been hoping for the Dow Jones industrial average fell one hundred sixty two points at twenty six thirty the S and P five hundred lost twenty two to twenty nine twenty three. The benchmark index is coming up three record high closes in a row and the NASDAQ dropped forty five to eighty forty nine Israel ushered in its holocaust remembrance day today in memory of the six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany and its collaborators in World War Two as leaders voiced concerns about a rising tide of anti semitism worldwide juror jurors returned victory today in the trial of Dante Harris, finding him guilty in the murder of Baltimore County. Police officer Amy camp real Harris seventeen trying to adult now. Faces life in prison. Sentencing July Baltimore County police still investigating yesterday's shooting of a four year old boy in rossville he was shot at least once in the lower body inside his home in the block of Cartwright court. He's expected to survive. A pair was home at the time of the shooting around two PM and the former Baltimore episcopal Bishop who struck and killed a bicyclist while driving drunk in two thousand fourteen will be released from prison amid may Heather cook will be on supervised probation until at least October of twenty twenty two. It's sixty four degrees in downtown Baltimore. Reporting five thirty two I'm Michael Philip L, six eighty WCBS news. I want to tell.

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