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Found yeah this one's out of the Madera Tribune and smoking is now banned in to Modesto parks so I'm sorry Madera Madera yet to Madera parks have banned smoking now we did a little bit of research by the way when we found out that this is the one you're going to hit yeah in California you can't smoke in a park where there are children around get there's like a playground or youth sports event that kind of thing that that just out of bounds completely but now there are parts where you know children are not necessarily present right or you could go to the other side of the park and smoke in time and so in these one smoking is now banned completely it's lines town park and country park and student group Nate called students against tobacco use are credited with going through these parks cleaning up the cigarette **** and informing people about the real ordinance yeah yeah I mean it does make a massive cigarette **** everywhere thank you very much very interesting a little tidbit out of Congress you know we talk about just how partisan things of the common how divided the country as but here's something that both parties are getting behind a new animal rights bill is going to make cruelty a federal felony animal cruelty is a federal offense as it'll be a federal offense the house's past this it was supported by democratic and Republican members of Congress and it says that apparently there were these horrible animal videos that were going around like cruelty to animals on the video this would make that a felony that's been signed yet they do expected to be signed but and they do expect it to pass the Senate as well when you think of it at its core it's such disturbing behavior you know something's really off kilter there and it needs to be treated seriously I can see how there's bipartisan support yeah so they've have managed at past that news by all the stuff that's going on so the polls are tightening for the Democrats running for president we're gonna break down some new numbers and why a prominent Democrat is concerned about the direction of the party that's coming up in three minutes.

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